Sleepy Thoughts of YOU

Have I ever loved so freely?

Sweet soul singing softly.

Lull my guarded heart

Into playful surrender.

Open the doors

And let loose

Those aging insecurities.

Gray matter

That no longer suits my needs.

Enter now

Into that empty chasm.

Fill me with your goodness

Your sweet thoughts

Your wanting touches

I can almost feel

The aching need for me

In your gaze.

Fill me with your tenderness,

Your tears,

And the strain

Of years

Of longing,

Of all the battles

You've lost.

Fill me

Until I am complete

In the knowledge

Of your love.

Fingers pressing

Into my skin

Until I burst

Full of happiness,

Of being with you.

Full of new-ness

And the good ache

Of containing smiles

Instead of tears.

Take all the miles

We've walked

In solitude

And singe them

Into dust

We breathe together.


The loneliness that was

Into the happiness

Of today.

Have I ever loved so freely?

Your heart so easily

Slips into mine.


With no demand

For more than I am.

I lay with you at ease.


In the morning light.