Author's Notes: This is my first fantasy type fan fiction story. It's going to be short. Until I'm able to figure out just where the character is going to wind up. Actually now there are four chapters total.

Don't hold me to it...

The bone-dry sector of the Nevada desert. A lone male figure in his early thirties. He's been walking for hours trying to find a watering hole. In order to fill up his canteen and keep him moving a little bit longer.

Gerald Wilson having to be working for a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was asked to drive out to Nevada and meet up with a number of officails on how to improve security factors from inside the floors of the different casinos. This includes Las Vegas as well.

When he was involved with a accident on the road. When some type of animal having ran across the road. Wilson wasn't able to stop his SUV in time to have his vehicle over turn onto the side of the empty road.

Even though his air-bag had gone off to help some-what save his life to an extend.

Wilson having to woken to pain on the right side of his head. Though there wasn't much crimson to be shown from when he tried to look into the rare view mirror.

However he was able to move out of the vehicle after trying for ten minutes. In order to move out from the air-bag and placed himself onto the dirt side of the road.

All he was able to see was nothing but miles of nothing of rocks, the dry desert heat having to be some what in the upper 90's. Add into the factor of the cactus and several flying vultures looking for prey to eat during there flight.

Since his accident. There hasn't been a soul on the road for having to be in the middle of the afternoon. He was desperate at this point. Since his vehicle was no longer able to be driven.

As for himself for the most part.

Gerald Wilson was in need of water very badly or in fact any other type of supplies. Though he was schedule to meet up with his associates as soon as he arrived into the city of Las Vegas outer limits.

But now that he was involved with the accident. He'd made the decision to start walking to look for some sort of help. Water at this point was priority on his list of items that needed to be done on his agenda. Or anything else for his overall survival having to be out here in the dessert.

After several hours of walking on the side of the road. There was at one point. He'd thought that he was starting to see things. Especially when kept looking up into the grey sky with cirrus cloud cover.

Thinking that it just might be some sort of an airplane or air-force jet. Since a number of bases are probably are located in the dessert having to be classified to the public.

Yet again.

Since he does believe in U.F.O. and strange occurances from over the years. He was beginning to think that it just might be one. But he highly doubts it for this particular moment.

But if he doesn't find help. No doubt his life as it is will surely end. Though only his associates that he works for will miss him. He only family happens to be just a sister name Judith lives up in Cole Brook, Maine living way out into the boon docks over looking the mountains. She's a semi retired school teacher for gifted children with mental abilities.

And the last time he spoke with her. It was a little over a year ago. They were able to talk over the IPhone for about 20 minutes. Since he was in a hurry to head out for work. Otherwise they'd both agreed to try and do a better job of staying in touch.

Any rate. Wilson looked up into the sky once more with the onset of early evening starting to come about. His physical condition was beginning to get worst. He was very thirsty, hungry, weak and most of all really tired. His eye sight was becoming more and more blurry with each moment that goes by for him.

Then all of a sudden. He was starting to hear this noise coming from the East sector of the dessert. He wasn't exactly sure just what it was for the moment.

The noise was starting to get more intense for his head and ears to bare. It was at this point having to feel as if his body was being transported some where out into space.

It'd reminded him some what of an old Star Trek episode. His mind didn't know what to think at this particular time. While feeling the pull of his entire body.

And with his physical and mental condition the way its been. All he could be thinking as to why all this was happening to him in the first place. Was it a dream or just his imagination caused by the accident of his vehicle over turning? He just didn't know either way at this point. He will no doubt will have to wait and see what happens to him.

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