Chapter Three Don't hold me to it

He needed to scream badly with his situation at hand. And for him not knowing what was going on with him. Only made matters just as worst.

He just wish to god. He's able to see clearer with his vision. However it's not working out in his favor. Actually this entire day hasn't been working to his over all advantage.

One thing for sure. He was in need of water. His mouth was dry as a bone. Along with his entire body chemistry. And what ever these creatures were going to be doing. Should just get it over with for God's sake!

He wanted to try once more with the screaming. Otherwise he wasn't getting any place with it. This entire occurrence was beginning to be just too much for him to bare.

"Help me please..." He said to who ever just might be in the room or where ever he was for the moment.

But yet he kept hearing the words inside of his mind. "How are you feeling Mr. Wilson?" He was thinking again. How is it that I am supposed to be answering the question in the first place? He replied with trying to move further on the slab table.

Even though the question was asked sincerely trying to divert his attention from what exactly was happening to the man. Along with the suggestion that he's able to at least try to relax.

"That' s a joke!" As Wilson paused with his comment. Including having to be some what dumb-founded with those voices having to be all around him.

And when the one voice was able to get through to him. It was in the wake of great awkwardness and to realize there next move. What ever that might be in his case...

"Why do you think it's a joke Mr. Wilson?; I assure you it's not!"

It was if his voice was inside of a swimming pool or sounding so much like some type of animal. And in Wilson's mind. He'd mention lizards along his travels. Wilson didn't think it was possible for that matter. To actually think that the voice talking is a lizard of some type.

But never the less.

Jack Wilson had to asked the question on how he was feeling. He actually didn't know just how he was feeling. Since he'd no idea where he was at this point.

"Here goes. Frustrated, betrayal, scared and most importantly. I need to get out of here." Wilson said to the one voice talking to him. While still on the slab table. And it was mostly straight forward.

As he tries to coax further information or anything else from the voice.

But otherwise his entire body was able to relax a little. While taking in a huge gulp of air into his lungs.

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