Chapter Four Don't hold me to it


From inside another section just outside of Jack Wilson alcove. The truth of the matter was about to be revealed.

There was nothing to be done. Since Jack Wilson was dying. His wish or rather his thinking before entering the white light pulling him further.

He actually needed to see who or what was talking to him. Having to made the decision. The lizard type creature named Voltron started to move into closer to Jack Wilson's alcove. It was his one wish to know the real truth of the matter.

Even though if Voltron wanted to. He would be able to save his life with the medical archives of his own planet. Many light years away from Planet Earth. He's been living for a long time. It's how he's been able to steer clear of any military intervention.

There was been a few countries know about this Votron. However he's been able to move quickly with his warp-drive vehicle in order to stay out of the way.

However in regard to Jack Wilson. Voltron if he wanted to. Can actually save his life. But with Jack Wilson and his mind. He's already dead-set on wanting to die any way. Especially when his cancer is supposed to of been in remission. His doctors mainly had lied for the most part.

There were so many factors to consider with looking out for himself and the rest of his species.

Voltron had made his decision...

When he opened the door with the key-card. He was able to see Jack Wilson eyes were closed and unnerving as it may be. He's able to slowly walked over to him and check his pupils and placed some type of solution into them. In order to give him his chance to see who he was mainly dealing with.

"Jack Wilson; I have just placed a solution in order for you to see me finally and your wish." And to unravel the final mystery since finding himself on the slab table. He's able to move off a bit in order for him to see him fully.

Wilson tried to blink a few times in order for him to clear up the blurred vision.

And when he does...The shock of seeing Voltron was just too much for the human being. All types of alarms had gone off inside of his alcove.

His brain function has ceased. Along with the fact. Jack Wilson has now moved past into the bright light and the door-way of Science Fiction fantasy of becoming one of the characters.

The very same type of lizard creature just prior of passing onto the realm of the door-way. He was free to do what ever he wished in order to save those wishing to fight battle against him and others...

As he's able to move in further with his world of imagination to work from ...

The End