Fatal Beauty

Denise Richardson never had thought that her life would turn around so quickly the past few years. She's been working for a private firm to past few years. In order to come up with a new skin care product for the ladies that like to indulge there skin. Either for the face or over all there entire body.

When she was asked by her boss to come up with something special. She'd never expected this true aspect of living a longer life span. Especially for when the public would tend to be using the product.


Denise was able to prove it with doing demo commercials. In order to prove to the tv public on whether or not the product actually works, along with the fact for word of mouth that it does.

Even though for Richardson's product line decided to call it "Fatal Beauty." She decided...to push the item over the Internet. Including leaving her profile in case any of the new clients wish to try the facial creams to make them looking totally younger in many ways.

She truly believed in the product. Even though at the time. She just never realized just how "Fatal." Her product, her life and inner beauty would tend to be extorted by those wishing to express inner self.

And for the fact of expressing to die out right from those wishing not to live forever.

One night some six weeks prior...When she started to use the "Fatal Beauty." She was flying back & forth from California to New York City for the different interviews with selling of the product line.

She started to feel different. And she couldn't put her finger on the issue for the moment. She decided not to say a word to anyone about it. Since she thought it was mostly all in her mind.

Even though feeling anger and other violent emotions for some odd reason. Including for the fact she would lose valuable time. Having spent a few hours with people from inside of her condo she wasn't able to remember, while seeing the evidence for when she would be ready to sleep.

However days later the situation had gotten much ..much...worst. And she wasn't able to explain it when body parts started to show up else where. With broadcast stories started to surface being reported by the F.B.I. and other local authorities.

And Richardson wasn't able to remember a thing at this point. Accept for having those vivid images or dream like sequences of a murderer going around getting rid of the elite. Otherwise nothing more could be added to those sequences. Accept for the truth of the matter. She wasn't able to say either way on whether or not she just might be a murderer.

She needs to come to terms on these facts and whether or not she just might have to hide the real truth of the matter...

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