Chapter Nine Fatal Beauty


Jarette was holding his breath for a moment. Before he started with his chant once again. Otherwise for Denise, she still hasn't moved an inch from her previous position.

Though she was moaning. But Jarette was unable to understand what she was saying in the first place.

The lighting inside of the room was still dark. He was still able to see her clearly...

He was able to begin with taking out the leafy herb in the palm of his hand. His eyes currently were closed, as his chanting had gotten louder.

All of a sudden...

There were all kinds of effects going on inside. Espeically with a streak of lightening going across the room to almost hit the woman.

It was at this time that Denise started to scream...Jarette was able to see that something was happening. It had looked as if the herb was working to change her back to normal.

He won't know for sure until after he was finished...He continued to the point of being totally exhausted while dropping to the floor onto his knees.

Otherwise the lightening and other effects were starting to disappear inside..

Jarette was able to open his eyes once again. He was able to see that Denise had changed back to being human once more. She was currently on the cold floor in a ball feeling the change in temperature inside.

She was completely nude...Jarette was able to find a brown blanket in the corner, for which he's able to cover up the woman. One thing for sure he was glad of the results, along with getting rid of a killer.

Jarette was able to tell her to relax, for which she is going to be just find now. She would need to start using different skin care products, and be rid of the ones that caused the problems in the first place...

She won't have to worry any further for when it comes to living once again, or leaving a trail of bodies for the police authorities to find.

Jarette was able to help Denise get off the floor. He was able to explain that she's going to be just fine with proper rest the next few days.

All She was able to do at this time was smile. She was completely exhausted from the entire affair. She would need at least a week to recover and start her life once again...Thanks to Jarette...

The End