It's been a week now. Chief Sharkey, Kowalski and Patterson have been on a training mission for the Seaview and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Admiral Starke, Johnson and even Admiral Harriman Nelson thought it was a good idea for mostly morale purposes, and for the most part all strictly volunteer.

They were given the choice to volunteer. And knowing Chief Sharkey. He would be able to push his friends with going inside the simulator upstate Seattle, Washington.

Admiral Nelson and Captain Lee Crane will be able to attend for the first two days before heading back to the Seaview. Though the Seaview will be docked for the week before heading out on special assignment.

The three men won't be knowing the details. Accept for the fact the environment inside the training center. Will be able to have several different types of weather elements in order to make it come what believable for those from the Seaview and four other organizations.

Patterson was trudging his way through the light snow fall from inside. Even though for him...The snowflakes having to be coming down.. Look more like a raging storm coming on from inside of his black vehicle. He needed to reach an area of the site to pick up supplies and bring them back.

But he never suspected of fighting the elements this way. It was mostly strange to hear the swirling, howling wind reminding him of recent rescue missions. Since he was basic wearing his foul weather gear for this outing.

And he needed to call home-base to let them know. He was able to pick up the items with no trouble at all. Other than being tire, cold and hungry with his stomach starting to growl.

Patterson was able to call on his communications device in order to advise Chief Sharkey. He's going to be home soon with with-in the next 20 minutes. Hopefully the huge snowflakes will stay that way for the time.

Who ever is running the controls from inside the main complex. Thought it was a good idea. Even though with CPO Sharkey and Kowalski next on the list of drivers to be doing the same.

While the other groups are inside the other sector. Otherwise Sharkey and Kowalski were picked for this one particular site. Why? They'd no idea as to the why question.

Sharkey and Kowalski just never expected this much snow. Including feeling cold all of the time while making sure of there body temperatures.


For Patterson, he had to take a deep breath in order to get through the next few moments. As Kowalski had said to him prior to arriving here. He was mostly used to his constant bitching and moaning.


Kowalski always wound up covering for Patterson when ever the Captain or Admiral Nelson would asked for a special detail. And in the long run...Patterson always wound up coming up like roses.

But this time with Captain Lee Crane and Admiral Nelson had left only yesterday to head back to the Seaview. There schedule was extremely tight after the Admiral had come back from an Alliance briefing with Darien once again.

Even Captain Crane agreed with Nelson's thinking. Darien was beginning to be too much of a real pain at times. For when it comes to the peace of Earth and those living beyond the worm hole.

Nelson came down the spiral stair-case looking for anyone that will listen to him. It seems that lately everybody has the tendency to steer clear of the man for when ever something comes up.

And when Lee Crane looked up from his notes on the plotting table. Especially when everything was all in order for a change. He was able to send Commander Chip Morton his merry way for a few hours of rest in order for the next watch takes over.

No doubt for Kowalski, Sharkey and Patterson are doing the very same after finishing there work inside of the simulation.

But when Nelson walked over to the Captain. He was able to hand him a dispatch from the simulation. Nelson was able to see in his eyes that after reading the memo. The situation inside wasn't all that good.

He asked his captain to change it course once more to head for the simulation. He was able to advise the crew of the Seaview with a briefing in 30 minutes. And give them the idea on what is supposed to be done.

However in the meantime. Seattle, Washington military and police have been unable to get inside the one simulation for where Nelson's three men are currently and dealing with onslaught of worsening weather elements.

The white stuff was starting to pile up on the ground. Even Sharkey wasn't able to believed it nor the other two now. They were surely stranded and they'd no idea how to contact the main complex. Since all communications now has been cut off completely from them.

And the only thing they could do was to wait it out inside there tents or vehicles deep inside to try and stay warm.

At least they were able to have there supplies on hand in order to keep there energy levels going. Even that can only last so long. Unless something drastic happens quickly...

Meanwhile Patterson was shivering trying to drink down his coffee. The same can be said with Sharkey and Kowalski huddled together for warmth.

All he kept saying was for the most part. "I' m sorry guys." Before he was able to finally fall asleep for a few hours. When in fact he passed out as with his friends.

Admiral Nelson, Dr. Jamieson and Captain Lee Crane leaving Commander Chip Morton in charge of the Seaview. While Nelson flew in the FS-1 as the pilot.

Nelson was able to receive a message from the technicians. They were successfully able to shut the program down. And locate the Seaview three crew-members taken to the medical unit for a check from the severe winter elements...

Even Dr. Jamieson was rather surprised. They were in better shape then he thought. Other wise they were given strict orders to take it easy for a few days. Once the Seaview arrives soon and to make sure all was in order upon leaving.

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