Chapter Two Snowflakes

Dr. Jamieson wasn't able to understand it completely. In order to have Sharkey, Patterson and Kowalski come out of this medical emergency just fine. Even though with the total experience will no doubt be able to change them for the better.

How better?; It's going to be interesting how Admiral Nelson, Captain Lee Crane and the rest of the Command staff sees it. With each and every man has there own weaknesses.

Dr. Jamieson knows this factor really well. Mainly for Patterson having come from the longest, ever since his father died many years prior by the creature living in the lagoon. Only to come out completely to wipe out the film crew.

It was afterwards Patterson was able to revenge his father's death. He was able to find it from inside of the lagoon. And was able to save the film with the real truth of the matter. Including showing the proof on how his father had died and the rest of the team.

Otherwise for each man. Admiral Nelson and Captain Lee Crane was mostly glad to see his men dealing with themselves. Especially when Kowalski and Patterson are two of the original members from the very first Seaview. The first two versions sunk...And hopefully with the modifications having been made will stay this way for a long time to come.

And with there analysis, it won't be any costly as compared to many years ago. Dr. Jamieson very well understands this scenario. Every year the Seaview has been around. It would tend to drive Admiral Nelson and his accountants crazy with the rise of costs in building materials, and of course in running the entire Institute...

Even though Captain Lee Crane was supposed to have taken over the Institute a year ago after being hurt on a Combat mission for ONI. He has already told Nelson that he's not ready to retired in order to deal with the piles of paperwork. For which the Admiral is constantly complaining about. Despite the fact he has Angie his long time secretary to steer clear of issues normally that doesn't come up at meetings.

But thank god everything was able to turn out rather well. UNTIL NEXT TIME...