Chapter Two Man-Beast

When Lee Crane arrived into the outer office. Angie Hawkins was already gone for the evening with her husband Tom.

Lee walked over to the door to knocked. Since the Admiral was suppoesed to be inside waiting for him in the first place.

Nelson came out to greet him to walk back into his office. "Lee, please I have a number of things that needs to be said to you."

"All right sir." He sits directly in front of Admiral Nelson. It seems to him, he was fidgeting, once he was able to sit down in his chair.

"Lee, I wanted to make this clear before anything else. I don't care what is going on at the moment to have you been picked for both the diving bell testing and the worm hole effect module." He states while taking a sip of his now cold black coffee.

"Really!" Acting some what surprised with his reaction.

"Don't play coy with me, Lee. I don't like it, but I am forced to let you go through with both tests, along with the fact. Your wife has been asked to be your co-pilot for the module in Texas."

"Are you serious sir, I can't believe this now?" He gets up to pace the office.

"Will you calm down Lee. it won't be happening for at least a few weeks, I hope!, and besides it's your wife's project in the first place, and besides. She needs to be on the site for at lease for the first couple of test runs with the module. I suggest you make mention of this to your wife. When you see her this evening at the beach house."

"I don't know how far, I am going to get with the conversation, once I tell her about the diving bell test run. She is going to flip once I tell her the rest of the information from you, sir." He added.

"Just do your best Lee, but in the meantime. The diving bell test will begin in four days. I suggest your on the Seaview, the day of that morning before we leave for the destination site, the deepest part of the Marianne trench 30,000 plus feet. However the Seaview will be on the surface at the time the diving bell when it leaves the berth."

"Yes sir, is their anything else?"

"That's enough for one man to think about, including your own wife Rose Marie. And besides it was her anyway that actually designed the module, way before anyone else in the Naval department came up with anything at all. She's a smart cookie, I must say Lee."

Lee Crane was some what blushing a little for when it came to his own wife abilities. He gets up to leave the Admiral's office. "Good night, Lee!"

When Lee Crane left his office. Admiral Nelson let out a breath to relieved some of the tension that was behind the back of his neck and back. He could used a hot shower and a back massage by his wife Sylian, who is supposed to be home by now from the lab.

He dials the main lab department. Doctor Anthony Sterling picked up the phone.

"I' m sorry Admiral Nelson, she just left an hour ago to go straight home, after finishing the last of her work on one of her projects."

"Thank you Doctor Sterling, I will catch her at home." He ends the call, packed up his things to be placed into the brief case, before putting on his uniform jacket and cap. Along with checking for his keys to the jeep that is supposed to be parked outside of his office.


"My god Lee that is wonderful news, your been chosen for both tests, and yes, I am happy, and not upset this time around, it's no sense to be that way in the first place, and besides I will be going along with you for the test of the module in Texas, I will have to call my sister and talk with her about having to take care of William and David until the testing is over."

"Are you done for god sake, Rose Marie?" He could see that she was excited having been chosen to be co-pilot for her own project.

"Yes, I am Lee." She goes to almost jumps into his lap before knocking him down onto the bed from excitement.

"Jesus on mighty!, come on lets go check on our sons, before I will take on you, later." To have her both smile and blush at the same time before leaving for nursery to check on their two sons and nanny watching over them at the moment.


Time Jump Four days

Everyone was on board the Seaview to be getting ready to go out through the channel and out into sea.

Admiral Nelson and Doctor Will Jamieson walking down the spiral staircase, wanted to watch the Seaview pull out with watching from the front of the observation nose, while Captain Lee Crane and Commander Morton were going over the last of the details, with leaving port and making sure all was in order with the diving bell in the missile room.

In the missile room

CPO Ron Hanson and Chief Sharkey were making the last of the checks for the department, along with the new diving bell ready to be dropped down into a secured position. When Sharkey opened up the slot, Hanson was able to guide the diving bell into placed, and secured.

It was when Sharkey walked over to the mike near the entrance.

"Captain Crane this is Chief Sharkey."

"Go ahead Chief."

"All set to go with the diving bell, nice and tidy into a secured slot, no issues to speak of right now."

"Thank you, Chief, we will be ready leave port in a few moments, please have a full report on the rest of the department, when you come up to the Control Room."

"Yes, sir I will in a few minutes, all right Hanson, lets get out of here for now, until the missile room is needed to be manned." He makes sure his order is heard before leaving for the Control Room.

Captain Crane and Command Chip Morton were checking the maps on the plot table for how long it would take the Seaview to reach the exact position within the Marianna trench, and the deepest part as well.

"Lee, it's going to take the Seaview to reach the area in three days at flank speed, since the changes have been made, it takes less time to get to a particular place, for which I am glad about."

"I agree Chip, by the way, where is Admiral Nelson at the moment?" He asked calmly.

"I believe the Admiral said something about chatting with Doctor Jamieson in Sickbay." Chip replied, while checking around the Control Room making sure all was in order with the men at their stations, Chief Sharkey was just coming up with his report for the Captain to sign off.

"I will be going to see the Admiral either in sickbay or his cabin, but first I need to check with Sharkey before anything else." He looks up to see the chief heading his way over to the plot table.

"Captain Crane, I have your report, you asked me for on the missile room status and diving bell." He hands the captain the report, before going to his normal station of the Control Room.

"Thanks Chief." He signs off on the report, when he noticed something strange. "Chief, what is this about the gauge having been replaced inside the bell, I didn't know it was?" he says looking over the rest of the report.

"Yeah, engineering reported the faulty gauge valve having to been changed, it was showing false readings a few days ago, engineering thought it was best to change it now then later, once the dive begins."

"Smart move on their part, thanks again."


Inside Sickbay

Admiral Nelson was very concern having asked Doctor Jamieson the one question he hated to asked.

"Are you serious Harriman, after 16 years the vaccine worked, what makes you think, it's going to happen with Lee changing into some man-beast for god sakes?" Going over to his medical files to look at the latest information on Crane's health. "Look, Lee is healthy, it took a while for his system to finally be back to normal, after what happened to him this past year."

"I know that Doc, what I am trying to find out, on whether or not the vaccine is still available to be used just in case it does happened with the diving bell test in four days?" He advised with extreme caution. "I just need to know if Lee is going to be all right with the dive." As tension rippled along the length of his spine at the moment.

"We won't know anything until the actual dive, if and when it does happen Harriman, we need to be ready." Doc sighed with taking a deep breath.

"It's the best we could do right now, is just wait it out, I guess, for now, please Doc don't say a word to Lee about this conversation, I need to have the man worrying right now with the dive up coming."

"All right Admiral, I won't say a word, but for now I have work that needs to be done, I suggest Sir, you get out of my sick bay and get some rest, your been looking rather haggard lately with your wife having the baby very soon."

"It's the truth Doc, I just can't wait to have this over with soon, losing sleep is the lease of my problems at the moment." He says gingerly.

"Along with your sex life as well." Doc said to get a look from the Admiral that can kill ten men over. "Sorry, I have been properly chaste, I need to work right now."

"Just keep me posted Doc, and your forgiven about the remark." Before leaving the sickbay and head for his cabin for some much needed rest. He's going to have to let sparks and the command staff with his request, to not be bothered for the next couple of hours.

However when he did arrive to his cabin, Captain Crane was just about ready to knock on his door. "You were looking for me Lee?" He asked while opening up the cabin door to walk in.

"Sir, I was just checking in to see their was anything that was needed to go over with in regard to the diving bell test?" He asked with a gentle voice trying to stay calm for the most part.

"No, there is nothing Lee that needs to be said, and besides, if you don't mind Lee, I need to take a nap for a few hours, please see to it, that you let sparks and the command staff, I am not to be bothered for at lease three hours, understand Lee?" Softly padding the back part of his right shoulder for physical support.

"Very well Admiral, I will let everyone know right now your order, I will leave you for your rest, take care." He starts to walk out before the admiral said one last thing.

"Thanks Lee for everything, your been a true friend, I just hope everything works out for the best with the dive and the Worm Hole Effect module test flight."

"Myself as well sir, have a good rest." Before leaving and closing the door behind him to head for the control room.