Chapter Three Man-Beast

Doc Will Jamieson still needed answers. Having to be still on duty. He decided to stopped by Lee's cabin, since he knows that Lee had just gotten off duty.

When he arrived to knock on his door. Lee said to come in with irritably, as Lee frowned when Doctor Jamieson walked in. For which Jamie nodded his head and smiled as he ventured in.

Doc looked perplexed and asked. "Lee, what are you worried about in regard to the diving bell test?"

"I am worried about the fact because of something that happened 16 years ago. With Braddocks atmosphere to cause me to change into a creature, for where I wound up shooting at Chip."

"Tell you what Lee. We need to keep this between you and me, I will place a special transceiver into your right arm, to keep tabs of any body changes that might happen with going down in the bell. Plus you need to have your engineering department to place a special video camera to keep an eye on you while your inside."

"And what about the vaccine do we happen to know, on whether or not it still works?" He asked gently.

"I will have to inject you again before your inside of the bell. We won't know anything on whether it will work again, once your down at the lowest level of the trench to have it work.

"Good. I will feel safer that way Doctor Jamieson, thank you for all of your help."

"Your welcomed. I feel better that I was able to do something about it on this mission, I will say good night Lee." He leaves to walk out into the corridor to head for sick bay to sign out for the rest of the evening.

Meanwhile Lee Crane after doing his nightly walk and just having to speak with Doctor Jamieson. Decided to call Cookie to bring him a mug of hot chocolate, while taking a seat on his bunk to wait for his drink. He kicked off his shoes and plumped up his pillows to lay back, unwind and just wait for his hot drink.

It was five minutes later when Cookie arrived knocking on the door, to be told to come in.

"Here you go Captain, your hot chocolate and some other goodies for you before going to sleep this evening." He places the items on the tray to bring it over to his bunk to be left on the side for where he will be able to reach it.

"Thanks Cookie. I will have the tray picked up in the morning, so good night."

He leaves his cabin to head back to his kitchen to help with cleaning up for the evening. While his relief will be taking over in an hour.


Three days later having finally arrived at the exact site of the deepest part of the trench. Captain Lee Crane glanced at the clock for the second time in the last three minutes, for the test to begin with the bell having to be 1100 hrs exactly.

He breath a soft sigh of relief.

Dr. Jamieson came over to him in the missile room with the vaccine. But he says something different. "I think your engineering issue with the video camera has been installed and ready to go. I think the Admiral is a little upset at the fact, I didn't tell him anything about it."

"Did you tell him it was for my own safely in the first place before anything else in regard to this test?"

"I Tried. He stormed out of here to head for the Control Room to check on everything with Commander Morton, anyway pull up your sleeve. So I can inject you with the vaccine, remember, if it doesn't work the first time, try it again once you feel there is a change in your body chemistry." He injects the vaccine serum into his blood stream.

"Thanks Doc. Sharkey, I am ready to go." He hollers over to the chief going over last minute details on the dive with Commander Kowalski with his head phones on to speak with the Captain every step of the way.

And in the meantime...

The atmosphere in the Control Room was oppressive following the announcement with the diving bell test to begin.

Admiral Nelson told Chip Morton, he was heading back to the missile room. While leaving taking the aft entrance of the radio shack to head for the missile room.

When he arrived. Captain Lee Crane was already inside the bell and ready to be dropped down by the cables. He was in contact with both Chief Sharkey and Kowalski, while Doc went back to sickbay to watch the video feed inside the bell and Crane.

Lee Crane was told to talk with Sharkey every ten minutes having to reach the level for each five hundred feet.

After thirty minutes the dive was going well over all. Nelson would ask Sharkey on how Lee was feeling in general, while Doctor Jamieson was happy with the results so far at three thousand feet before going down to six thousand.

"Admiral Nelson, all is well, Captain Crane is not feeling any ill effects at this moment. Actually he chatting away like crazy with me."

"What's he talking about Chief right now?" He asked with curiosity even though he didn't wish to pry all that much.

"He's telling me about William and his second son David, just how happy to have his two sons, he's hoping that his wife Rose Marie will have a baby girl the next time out." Admiral Nelson chuckled at that for now feeling some what relaxed at the moment.

Some time later Crane calls to say he's still feeling fine at the moment. Even though the quietness of the bell is starting to get to him at this point.

"All right Captain, we will be sending you to the next plateau of ten thousand feet. This is going to be the crucial point, call me in five minutes, understand Sir?"

"Yes Chief, I understand, five minutes." He was looking at his watch for the time, along with checking out the gauges. With the same valve that was changed by engineering this past week."

He was able to make it to the ten thousand foot level, he checked once again inside the bell the gauges. Everything seem fine to him, even if the darkness of the level was weird. He couldn't see any life signs outside through the port hole.

He looked up at the video camera to wave at who ever was watching at the moment. He was starting to feel fidgeting, he past it off as just nerves with the dive.

His five minutes was up.

"Chief Sharkey, can you hear me, it's Crane, I am reporting everything is going fine at this point."

"I understand, he started to move on down now. "All right Sharkey, I have something to say, lets see, I do hope your the only one I 'm talking to at the moment."

"Yes, Sir I am. Admiral Nelson just left for the Control Room to check on things, he seems to be some what nervous, and Kowalski is paying attention to his gauges with your line. He had to connect the second and third to keep up."

"All right Francis, how is your sex life going with Julieanna now of days with the pregnancy?" He says to hear a slight grumble over the mike.

"Actually sir, she is some what scare with not wanting to hurt the baby, I have told her to stop worrying so much, but I suspected she is still upset at me for taking her off the last mission with the oil refinery."

"That could be Chief, you really need to talk to her about it, before she really pulls away from you emotionally, and physically."

"I will do that Captain when we get back to port. We are coming up to the next level to stop sir."

Sharkey looked at Kowalski. "We are good Chief, the slack line is holding really strong with the currents." Kowalski replied. "Another five thousand and we will be at our goal for the dive, so far everything is working out well."

Sharkey was waiting on Captain Crane to speak with him with the time lag. But inside the bell, Crane was starting to have problems with his body chemistry. He was noticing blotches were starting to show up on his hands. This was a red alert for the Captain, he was starting to panic.

Back in sickbay...

Doctor Will Jamieson having been watching the entire time, realize that Captain Lee Crane was having an issue, and he suspected it had something to do with deepness of the dive, and the atmosphere levels inside.

He called the missile room. "Chief Sharkey, this is Doctor Jamieson, you need to pull up the diving bell now. There is a problem going on with the Captain's chemistry, I just hope to god, we are not too late."

"Yes, Sir right away. I lost contact with the Captain five minutes ago." He says with turning around to face Kowalski, bring him up now, while I inform the Control Room the dive has been terminated."

Inside the diving bell. Crane pulled out the vaccine syringe once again to inject himself into his arm. Pulling up his sleeve really rough having to be changing quickly, he's able to inject himself this time, hoping for the best the vaccine will work.

He felt the pull of the diving dive being pulled faster than normal, at this rate he's going to have to spend some time in the decompression chamber.

Admiral Nelson, Commander Morton and Doctor Jamieson ran into the missile room to wait for the diving bell to be brought back up.

"How soon Kowalski before it's back up to the Seaview docking bay?" He asked quickly.

"Forty minutes sir." Kowalski looked at his gauges making sure all is well with the slack of the lines.

Meanwhile inside the bell. Captain Crane's "Beast" was going crazy inside throwing things around, he looked at himself inside the port hole with the darkness of the level the bell was at.

"NO!...It was at this time he past out to fall over the chair.

"I suggest Admiral, you call Master Of Arms just in case Lee is not himself." Doctor Jamieson requested. He also checked his coat pocket with another dosage of the vaccine. He walked over to the intercom.

"Doctor Sterling are you there?"

"Yes, sir, how can I help you?" He asked with a serious tone.

"Bring yourself and Stoner with a gurney, Captain Crane is coming up soon, plus we are going to have the decompression ready as well." Doc ordered.

"Yes, sir right away."

Meanwhile three Master Of Arms showed up, including CPO Ron Hanson with them.

"Everyone be ready for when the bell comes up, we won't know what to expect when that door is opened, so please have your weapons ready just in case." Admiral Nelson says to the four men with their weapons.