Life Givers

There hasn't been a time for where a woman can give such joy to a patient. For when it comes to her vibrate smile. When I was brought into the hospital for pneumonia.

Usually some of the staff for this particular hospital has an altitude from working too many hours with too many patients to take care of.

When this lovely woman came in to truly cheer me up in every way. If this woman can help me with a true spirit of her heart, she can do the same with every one else probably in her own life. Not that I know just what entities to the type of family she has.

She is truly beautiful from the insides to the main focus of her true persona. And from what I have seen since this morning. My day has turned into a quiet time for me to think about all of the bad things that has been going on.

Mentally & physically I haven't been doing all that well. This past year a number of family/relatives has passed away to really upset me greatly.

When I was able to speak with my sister Patricia on the phone. I was able to tell her I have been so upset because of it. At least I was able to reconnect with her after years of a stormy relationship with her. Even though I ' m supposed to be the oldest.

Anyway back to the real story. This woman needs to be praised for all of hard work she has done for her patients.