To The Point of going no further Insert to LIFE GIVERS

Rose Marie wasn't able to go no further. Always having to deal with health issues she wasn't able to understand from what all of the doctors were trying to tell her in the first place.

Including in the facts that it was costly with her medical insurance. In order to continue on with her cancer treatments for her lungs.

She has gotten to the point. She's not able to breath at night. Even though her doctors have tried different inhalers to help get her through sleeping a few hours at a clip. To make the situation much worst. When in fact she's not able to fall back to sleep right away on the chair with her legs raised from the constant nerves moving around. Restless leg the correct term for the condition.

The doctors from were able to give her medication last year. But once her medical insurance changed from Medicaid to Medicare. There was a drastic change for what she was able to try and do with the insurance company, transportation and most of all her pills. In order to alleviate the pain throughout the entire body

I have been though this situation prior from over the years. Even though I was able to change my life for the better. Once I would be able to asked for a divorce after 12 years of constant fighting over the subject of money. And the total freedom to make those decisions without having a man constantly putting you down for every bad flaw.

It was mostly the same type of situation for when it came to my mother back then having to be alive. Until she was able to suffer with a stroke on the left side leaving her brain dead for a week.

While to make matters worst tended to be the legal aspect of having to take her off the life support during the week of my wedding anniversary. Would you believe it? It was the week of the Valentine's day...

And I was the only person of the family that had truly believed. For which my mother just might be able to come out of the coma. Just after all of the years of not supporting my efforts to become a writer in the literacy field, science fiction and mostly of all fan fiction. Something I wanted to do for many years.

Even though I still do in order to thrill myself to death. However my one and only goals left to do for myself now. Is the fact I would very much like to work with another writer and finish up a novel and have it sent in to be published.

I have already written the story and placed it in one of the sites. The only thing that needs to be done is try to expand the entire story, and see on whether I will be able to find a proper publishing company.

My one other goal was the tendency to spend time for vacation in Hawaii for at least a month. And just see just how far I will be able to truly be able to enjoy myself. Including visiting all of the beautiful sites on the islands. Besides relaxing for the most part.

Since I haven't had all that much to let loose so to speak, just after coming back from the anxiety of the divorce, change in jobs, locations and for the most part health issues.

I will be able to take it easy one day at a time...