Inspired by Following the End, by littlewillikins!

I sob,

there is no escape.

I cry,

but there's no way to leave.

I do not read love,

I do not have a faith.

What to do, what to say?

The blood slowly dripping from a small cut in my hand

clenched on a pen over paper

I have failed before

they took me places

places, supposed to make me better,

that instead made me worse

they tried to make me think about it

instead of letting it stay, dull and throbbing

I will not fail again...

I fall,

because I cannot go, anymore.

They are waiting for me,

they are wanting me

they are depending on me.

They want me here,

I want me gone.

It was worse than the moment I realized

I was alone

But I wasn't wanted then

am I now?

I cry,

and I fail,

even though I know I am alone.