What A Lifetime Can Do

I am a writer. I spend my days scribbling down my thoughts and ordering them into something that is enjoyable to read. I have done it for so long that it now comes as easy as breathing and the words just seem to click together on their own.

It was not always like this. I used to struggle to know what my thoughts were. Holding a pen felt odd and my hand would cramp in an embarrassingly short time. But I wanted to write, it was a desire that I held deep down. Days went by, time crawled along, and my constant efforts soon turned out results. I could write longer and better with each day that went by and eventually I could not exist without writing something every day.

It is amazing what a lifetime can do with desire.

I am a musician. I play my instrument and the music comes out as a piece of my soul and my audience is enraptured by my performance. I love it as much I love being alive and I cannot pass a day without forming some sort of melody.

It was not always like this. At first the notes that I played were sour and discordant. My timing was horrible and I could not hold a beat if my life depended on it. But that was only in the beginning, when I first decided that I wanted to play. I kept at it. I forced myself to learn the notes, to learn the patterns. Eventually my movements became smooth. I found the sweet music that lay hidden within my instrument and it began to sing.

It is amazing what a lifetime can do with persistence.

I am a dancer. Movement is my life. My feelings come out in dance and I speak in pose and control. My feet can find their way through any song and my heart beats along to the melody. I am alive when I move and I feel as though I can fly. It is amazing.

It was not always like this. I started out as wobbly and uncoordinated as a newborn foal. I had no sense of rhythm and I constantly tripped over my own feet. But I continued undeterred and practiced without relent. Eventually things began to change. I found out how to follow the music and let myself be carried along. I developed a love for it that grew and changed with the passing years. Now I cannot think of expressing myself in any other way.

It is amazing what a lifetime can do with pent up emotions.

A lifetime can develop so many things. The bits that we cherish and nurture the most are the things that will blossom and grow. These examples are what one lifetime can do for desire, persistence, and emotion.

But, just imagine, what could I do if I had forever?

How many things could I accomplish?

There would be no limit to how many talents I could develop.

I am alive and I am a blank canvas. I am ready to be turned into something magnificent. My emotion is the paint and forever is the brush.

I shall find out for myself what forever can do with imagination, desire, persistence, and emotion.

Thoughts? Opinions?