CPO Chief Sharkey was coming back from seeing his wife/sparks Julieanna. After he would be able to clear up a matter from inside of the missile room.

He was asked by both Admiral Nelson and Captain Lee Crane in order to do them a favor. He agreed to make sure the department will be ship-shape before they are able to leave for the next mission.

However Admiral Nelson hasn't as yet decided. Since the Seaview needs to be upgraded with there weapons systems. Meanwhile all of the technicians will be on board in the morning to make the command team happy and purring like kittens.

Otherwise after coming from there. He needed to be sure his wife was settled into her position having just came on watch for the night.

Even though having everyone of the crew stay on board the submarine before they are supposed to leave the channel after the techs are abroad.

Any rate...When Sharkey walked over to the radio shack. All of a sudden he was able to feel a gust of wind go through the entire section. Even though Julieanna having just to be behind him will say that it's his imagination.

He wasn't able to see anything that might of caused it in the first place. Everyone was on board. Even if the security guards were top-side keeping a close watch of the submarine.

Sharkey was able to hear Julieanna speak with someone over her board for the moment. Before she was able to transfer the call to its proper owner.

Just after she was barely done. Sharkey came over gently in order not to scare her touching her shoulder for a brief moment. In order to stirred up of any type emotion deep inside the pit of her stomach.

"Sharkey...what do you think your doing?" She says for a moment before she was able to track in another message currently coming in from ONI. Even though it was not marked "Priority." She was able to send it on through via fax directly to Admiral Nelson's cabin.

"Nothing much other then the fact I have the aft missile room in shape for the technicians." He replied rather sofly instead of not wishing to have everyone listening to there private conversation.

"Ok Sharkey...I will see you later." She says before going back to her work on the board.

And since it was rather quiet...Commander Morton was up front.

While the captain was like Admiral Nelson having to be working on his piles of paperwork. No doubt one day he just might just give it up completely. In order to take over the Institute. While Admiral Nelson is able to finally relax after years of being on the high seas.

Sharkey was able to go his separate ways with needing to finish up with his details...

As for Commander Chip Morton...He was bored currently. Since everyone on the Seaview were working on their tasks. He's gotten used to it after all this time.

However recently nothing has been routine for when it comes to the ONI missions and adding into account The Alliance.

Otherwise he was just waiting for Executive Officer Stu Riley to take over in a few hours. After that he can relax...What he needs to do is call Carolyn and find out on how she is doinng after having to leave quickly the house.

Even his own children were beginning to wonder why their father hasn't been himself of late.

Morton walked over to the helm section to see on whether everything was going according to the plan. And it was mostly...Their was nothing else to do accept to wait it out. Normally for Morton...he was mostly in the fore ground...While Lee Crane would be in charge. But this time Captain Lee Crane was currently in his quarters relaxing.

The same can be said for Admiral Nelson. He's mostly sitting in his quarters finishing up his paper work for the Institute. Including doing the approvals for all requests from the different scientists that wishes to have their work approved.

Along with the fact that Nelson just wants to make sure that his Institute gets paid before sending the Seaview out for any type of adventure...

And right now the Seaview has several choices at the moment. Besides what ever ONI or any other organizations wants to use the submarine for.