The droplets of rain fell down from the heavens above. They pitta patta'd on the dark damp grains of dirt. Each raindrop had its own journey to make. This is the story of one.

It began to form in the heavy and darkly laced thick clouds. It grew heavier and heavier in condensed liquid till it could no longer hold onto its mother cloud, and she released it to leave her forever, dispersing of water, and becoming less the cloud she had been.

The raindrop began it's descent down into the forest and mountains. It felt like it was colliding with the air, as the wind rushed upwards while it fell down, not able to control its suicide drop.

It soon approached the ever coming nearer ground. It hit a rocky side of a mountain, quickly rushing into the other droplets of rain and becoming a running small stream of water.

The raindrop had lost apart of itself as it became something bigger, something much more.

It flowed down the crooks and crannies of the mountains many layered over rocks. It seemed to escape without control deep into the mountain's inside, by an eroded in hole. It rushed and ran deep in the hole till it reached a deep cave that hid within the heavy rocky walls. The rainy water plummeted to the ground, splashing in a pool of water at the back of the cave. The little raindrop had died now, becoming one with the pool, that quickly began to rise above steady ground.

The rain could be heard hitting the ground outside in big pats. The trees let the still solo raindrops slip off their dark green leaves. The sky was grey and dark bluish. It was late afternoon, but there was no sun in sight. It was being hidden by the multitude of clouds.

The pool eventually rose so high it began to tip over its caging rocks, and began to trickle down in small streams out of the cave and into the wet living land.

The stream the raindrop had found itself in, streamed down its own path, till it reached the bigger gushing river that was torrential and a beast onto itself.

The stream unwillingly couldn't change its course and ran into the older sister river. Soon the piece of water that had once being the raindrop sunk to the bottom of the dark current of the river. It was murky and muddy, the water at the bottom near the bed gathering mud that dissolved into it and made it brown.

The fish in the river tried to find a place safe in the pushing water, as they swam into little gaps in the eroded muddy walls.

Some fish swam up and gulped a bit of clear air into their mouths, needing to replenish the little to no oxygen they were getting in the filthy rushing water.

The raindrop soon rose away from the bottom of the bed, being pulled up to the top by circulation of the river. It soon was poured into a giant lake. Around the lake were many thickly leafed trees, with ducks and swans and other water based animals swimming and paddling in or above the skin of the lake.