"He's ...GUILTY!"
"Guilty of what?"
"Oh, he's guilty all right."
"Yes, but guilty of what?"
"Guilty of those things he did."
"What things?"
"Illegal things."
"What illegal things did he do?"
"The things he's guilty of."
"But WHAT things are he guilty of?"
"Those things he did that we can't tell you about. Those things that we can't charge him with. And we have the evidence. Oh, trust us, we have the evidence."
"What evidence?"
"The evidence we have."
"The evidence we can't see?"
"Yes, THAT evidence. Important evidence."
"So important that you can't show it to us?"
"Yes. TREASONOUS evidence."
"So treasonous that you'll wait until after his second term before you'll charge him with it?"
"That's right. And his SON, too."
"His son? What did his son do?"
"You don't know what his son did?"
"Well, I certainly can't tell you. But you'll find out. Oh, you'll find out."
"In five years."
"Maybe five. Maybe ten. You'll see. You'll see."