Feature Presentation

A Widescreen Presentation

Starring me;

Filled with drama, comedy

Some mystery, some tragedy

Planned adventure, unexecuted crime

No romance, at least not yet.


Long scenes, short ones too

Scenes that are etched into memory

Scenes that are temporary

Clever lines, Cringe-inducing lines

Parts that make you melt,

Parts that make you look away.


There are moments I want to

Hit pause and absorb;

I want to fast forward, skip to the time

I want to experience.

I want to hit rewind

To live those moments over and over and over and…


I want to hit rewind,

Fix the mistakes, those that clearly

Shouldn't have been added.

I want to unplug the TV,

Cut straight to the Black Screen and Credits.


But I can't find the remote,

And this is a movie called