Parallel lines. Equinox hates parallel lines. Back in sixth grade in elementary school he had given an impromptu speech on parallel lines. Having failed to prepare anything for the presentation, he ended up drawing two lines on the board, and ended up talking for fifteen minutes of bullshit completely made up on the spot. He said that human lives are like parallel lines, crossing each other but never meeting. He never realized it back then, how true that statement was fated to become.

It had been the summer break when he had met her. Not too long after he gave that stupid speech, too. A mere human. He hated humans, at that time. After what they did to his family he had nothing but spite for these beings which whom he was forced to converse, day in and day out.

She had been staring out into the skyline as she nodded her head slowly, as if gaining some cosmic understanding of the universe and reality and everything that was far beyond anything that he could imagine or dared to ever imagine.

"I'm colour-blind." she said to him without turning around. "Not red-green colour-blind. I can't see any colour. This world is just a monochromatic image to me. I hate it."

"Is that even a thing?" Nox had replied, trying to sound casual. "I've never heard of that, before."

"Yeah," she had replied, "you bet. I was born with it."

He had tried to walk away, but what she said next had stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Hey, what does blood look like? What does blood look like to you? A vamp like you should be able to tell me, huh?"

"Vamp? What on Earth are you talking about?" Equinox tried to play dumb.

"My adoptive family are vampires. I can tell. Don't try to talk your way out of this."

"Well, I better get going." Nox said abruptly, running off.

"See you next semester, Equinox." she had said mysteriously, and he ran even faster for it.

Violine narrows her eyes at the Cursed Being, staring across the street as the cars pass by between them like an ever-shifting curtain of multichromatic steel. "What are you doing here?" she growls at the small girl. She know that Cursed Beings have senses that go beyond even vampires and werewolves, so she doesn't doubt that the girl can hear her. Appearances sure are deceptive these days. Nobody would suspect that this short petite girl with dirty blond hair that looks like it hasn't been brushed in weeks wearing some sort of goofy pink hello kitty backpack and a kiddish pink hoodie could have enough power to kill everyone on the street in a heartbeat.

"Name's May," the girl says casually, "what's yours?"

Violine's eyes shoot up in surprise. "What did you say?"

The girl looks vaguely amused. Looking around as if bored, she shrugs and makes as if to walk off down the street. "I've been tasked to kill someone with the same name as me." she mentions casually without looking at Violine, head down walking briskly. "You wouldn't happen to know her, right?"

Violine starts walking down the opposite side of the street, keeping pace with the girl. To refer to such a foul being by the same name she uses to call her best friend makes her stomach churn with the mere prospect. Although however unlikely, if this Cursed Being turns out to actually be targetting her Mei-Li, she would not hesitate to protect her friend with her very life.

"She has one arm." the girl says. "Let's stop beating around the bush, Violine Wolfe. I know everything about you. Did you mother marry your dad just for that last name, I wonder?" The girl giggles innocently.

Violine feels the rage rising through her spine, and she desperately tries to repress it; she cannot afford to transform here. Keeping up with the demonic pace as the girl continues to walk, they are practically speed-walking down a busy street talking across the road about death and murder. If the subject matter wasn't so close to heart she might have laughed.

"My name is May Day. Funny joke, ain't it? Apparently my late father thought it was the best thing ever. I'd say it suits me real good, huh?" The girl abruptly pauses and grins at Violine innocently across the road as the werewolf halts her breakneck walk and glares back at her vehemently. "Although, I'm not the one that's going to say mayday, ain't that right?"

"I will not bow to your empty threats." Violine declares, holding her gaze steady.

"Do you watch anime?" the girl asks casually.

Violine gives a tiny nod, utterly perplexed at this sudden change in topic. "Sometimes."

"Oh look, your shoelace has come loose." the girl mentions nonchalantly. Instinctively looking down, Violine pulls back in shock. She rubs her eyes and stares at her foot as it starts happening again. She hears herself screaming a second before her bum hits the floor. Passing pedestrians stare at her like she's gone mad. Her shoelace. Had. Tied. Itself.

The Cursed Being giggles like a little girl given a lollipop. "You have no clue about the sorts of powers I contend with." she tells Violine with a wink, turning to leave.

"Elfin Lied." she adds, almost as if an afterthought. "Google it, I'm sure it'll make sense. See you later."

"Look," May groans into the phone, "I don't understand a thing you're saying. Why are you hyperventilating and spouting nonsense? Are you high? Did you start taking drugs? What the hell are you saying?"

"I'm not going to say it a third time!" Violine's frantic voice yells at her from the other end of the line. "Someone's out to kill you. Murder you. Cut you to tiny little pieces which she laughs like a cynical witch! Oh my god! Fucking hell, believe me! You need to hide, right now."

"What are you saying?" May flops herself onto her couch and stares at her ceiling. "Are you alright? Did you get assaulted? Is everything ok? Did you hit your head a little too hard?"

"I'm not, I didn't. What am I going to do to get you to believe me? It's not like I'm the one who's meeting up with vampires in the middle of the night! Why wouldn't you believe me!?"

"What?" May almost drops the phone in shock as she bolts upright. "Vampires?"

"Argh! No, I mean, yes, I mean, no, I'll be at your house in an hour, no, fourty minutes, no, twenty. Don't you dare go anywhere!"

"Sir, I'll be appropriating your vehicle, do not resist, do not call the cops, thank you for your cooperation, give me a call to this number tomorrow and I will return it. Do anything funny and your head may not be connected to your shoulders for much longer."

The window of the Mercedes comes down halfway, as an incredulous man and his presumably girlfriend stares at the small teenage girl smiling at them good-naturedly but saying the most ridiculous of things, holding out a business card with a pink gloved hand.

"Well, you asked for it." The girls shrugs, and suddenly the woman inside the car starts screaming. Parking such an expensive car in a deserted street is the most idiotic thing she has seen in quite a while. Well, it all works in her favour. Pocketing the card she turns her attention back to the shell-shocked woman who is gesticulating wildly and screeching like a banshee and starts convulsing.

"My name is May. Nice to meet you." the girl's smile never wanes, as the dead body, head severed cleanly from its body, lifts up by itself, and along with the woman, suddenly flies out the passenger side door which opens as if automatically. "Thanks for the car. I needed a new one, anyway."

Violine dials the number and waits nervously. It's a number that she hasn't dialed in quite a while, and honestly she isn't sure if it will even connect. She sighs. She hates to ask people for help, and even more a vampire. It is a long story as to how they even met in the first place. One better saved for another time.

"Solstice, it's me."

"There is such a thing as caller ID in this day and age." Solstice's sarcastic voice brings a unconscious smile to Violine's face. "Anyway, wassup? Need someone eliminated?"

"Oh no, no, I need a lift."

Solstice's voice chuckles from the other side of the line. "You've got the right girl for the job. I'm practically a living GPS navigation system. You're so in luck; it just so happens that I'm back in town to visit my brother."

"Oh, really? Sweet." Violine grins.

"Gimme an ASL and I'll pick ya up, any time and any where, baby." Solstice says provocatively, and Violine is not entirely certain if it was indeed a joke or not.

"Age: oh too old to remember. Sex: female werewolf who likes to bite. Location: corner of Denny Street and Nickel Road."

"That's so hot. Sounds great, babe. I hope you like vampires." Solstice says casually.

"Oh, no worries, I love them to death." Violine retorts.

"That's a very dangerous thing to say to a vamp, sweety."

"Not for a wolf." Violine points out. "You can't drink our blood."

"Hey, hey, don't ruin the roleplay, dear."

Violine laughs. Solstice giggles a little. "See you in five."