Down Under

Captain Lee Crane slowly walked through the bow of the Seaview doing his usual walk-about. Normally of late for him, he's been wondering why he's here again after weeks of going back & forth from the cruises.

Even his own wife has been wondering what has been going on.

Even though they have been together as mush as possible. Accept for the fact Rose Marie has been extremely busy with her work at the lab. No doubt knowing that the work load has been over whelming for her and the other workers.

Lee was standing at the doorway of the lab. When his wife looked up to see his expression on his face.

"Something wrong Lee?" She asked with a serious tone.

"Nothing really Rose. It just seems that life is starting to rush by all of a sudden." He says in a sad sort of a way with his comment to her.

Rose Marie looked up at her husband wondering why he has been acting this way. "If I didn't know you better Lee. I would say you need to finally step down as Captain of the Seaview and just take over the Institute completely."

He takes a quick breath before deciding on his answer."I don't think so Rose, It's mostly been just my mood of late and all this nonsense with the alien Darien and the Alliance." He says...

"Look Lee, you are not responsible for everything that goes down with the alien. You have your own life to live right now."

"I now that Rose. But it seems Darien knows how to push the issue when needed to. And I 'm just basically tire of the B.S. at this point of time."

"I just know that feeling Lee. I was able to go through the same B.S. years ago for when it came to my husband Seth at the time of his death. And it just took me a long time to get over it."

Lee was able to move in closer to his wife. In order to comfort her after what she had to go through during that very difficult time of her life.

But thank god between the both of them with their love for each other. They certainly know how to communicate for when it comes to issues that just needs to be dealt with.

And one of them is how to take care of their two boys William and David currently with the nanny Andrea. Who is very capable of taking care of the two when needs be...

As for Rose Marie..She remembers very well back than...and she just doesn't wish to repeat it again. Otherwise she strode up close to him once again before Lee was able to let go of her. Before deciding on his next move...

Nothing happen afterwards...He left her alone with her work, while he went back to his office until It was time to go to the Seaview. While making sure it was in tip-top condition...As always...