If i could walk on water

Could I swim through the land?

Could I dig through the sky,

Could I fly through the sand?

If I kissed the sky

Would I hate the sand?

Would I hug the ocean,

Would I love the land?

My enemies are approaching me from all sides

I turn to the tides and weep at the sky

My life flashes before my eyes

As I draw my sword, prepared to die

A flick of the wrist, a flash of the saber

End of a life, end of a neighbor

Village now humbled

That evil once claimed

My life guarded once again

By a heavenly flame

My power comes from within

From without comes naught

My creator lives inside me

I shall never be caught

by evildoers, demons,

And succubi

Devil worshippers beware

Your time is nigh

I've risen on high

I've come to shine my light

on dark dwellings

that ought not be alive

Across the countryside I ride

With holy spirits by my side

Dawn, has crept

And so have I

Into the lairs of death divine

My soul is on fire, my mind is focused

My body is hardened, my emotions unnoticed

I plunge into hellfire, ready to fight

What I witnessed next was quite the sight

A seven headed dragon, covered with feathers

Breathing lava, amidst chains and tethers

Long forgotten victims, slain for a meal

All hung from the ceiling,

sealing the deal

I lunged at the dragon

and with a heavenly light

I sliced off the head of the dragon on the right

The sound it made I'll never forget

It was the cry of utter regret

Its life flashing before it's eyes

It turns to the tides and weeps at the sky

As it loses its heads, one two three four five

The remaining dragon and I lock eyes,

He looks to be pleading, he doesn't want to die

With a shout, I deliver the final blow, and all I see is white