Serving time

Dr. Shirley Adams working for the Nelson Institute for the last five years. She was coming back from the lab after just seeing Commander Rose Marie Crane. She has been working 16 hours on a special vaccine from the recent break-out of Shell Fish of the Pacific Basin.

And having found out about the radiation poisoning once again.

Dr. Adams age 44 a year older than Rose Marie. She has been working really hard to find out the cause. There was a possible chance the Seaview probably would be dispatch out to Greenland/Iceland to see if whether another element just might be the caused.

Admiral Nelson needed to send a directive to Admiral Starke of ONI on whether it would be important enough to investigate the area again.

Shirley needed to show the results. Even though you would think she would go home after working all of those hours. She was able to slowly walk down the hall-way after passing a number of members for the Institute.

When she reached the door. She was able to relax herself taking in a huge breath to relax the tension in the back of her tight neck.

Inside Rose Marie was able to tell who ever was knocking to have them come on into the lab.

Shirley was able to hear the response. As she's able to walk in without a problem.

"Hey, Rose. I' m sorry to be bothering you like this. But I have the final results on the Pacific Basin, and it's differently was some sort of radiation poisoning.' She replied with a strong conviction for when it came to her answer.

Rose Marie was able to take a look at the results, after Shirley was able to see what was written. While taking a moment to think of the next move.

"I must say I wasn't expecting those kind of results. It's just too bad the fish and other mammals just had to die because of it." She replied with sadness...

"I know Rose. What's Next?" She asked.

"I will have to let Admiral Nelson know of the results before he decides on anything at all."

"It's too bad Admiral Nelson probably will keep me from going instead of being stuck here again." Shirley says with a response of disappointment.

"And what makes you think he will?" She asked. Moving away a little in order to answer back Rose's comments. "Lets just say he's not been all that responsive on the entire subject in the first place. He's been just too much involved with other issues, so probably he just will put my project on the back burner for now."


Pacific Basin

A small lab located has been part of a neutral country wishing on working to share it's value of a clean world. Has noticed the changes with the higher levels of radiation coming up from the fault line.

A third team of men from Russia/China and the U.S. government. Are currently in the main Communications center checking the main computers with further levels rising once again.

Each man in their own thoughts were wondering why this was happening in the first place. Possible that it might be a rogue submarine vessel or any other unknown reason. As with an U.F.O., Satellite, or a probe having caused the issue involved.

Dr. Rankin standing near the console was sure no other reason was the cause right now. Since he was pushing the controls on the console. Even though he tried to convince the others of his thinking.

But he just decided to leave it that way for now.

However unknown to the three of them some ten miles away would be a small sub-pen with a nuclear submarine staying in the area for observation. Even though the captain of the submarine has orders to send out the sub for political reasons. Otherwise with orders to don't shoot first unless provoke...

Nelson Institute Admiral Nelson's office.

Admiral Nelson was mostly agreeing to Dr. Shirley Adams reason on going to Greenland with the Seaview for the two weeks. Not that she's not able to do her job, but she is most capable in every way.

'Dr. Adams, I will be sure everything will work out for you." As he shifts in his chair from his office.

"Admiral Nelson thanks for your support." She says with a slight smile for the first time in a while, after weeks of working hard on her projects. "I will be sure to be ready to leave soon for the Seaview." She is able to get up from her seat after flashing a smile for the Admiral.

"Good Dr. Adams. Just be sure to contact Captain Crane and Commander Morton on what your exact schedule will be for the lab." He says quickly before getting up completely from his seat.

Admiral Nelson could sense the tension coming from the woman. Though knowing her...It's no doubt that she just wishes to be a part of the team. He has always found her to be most capable...