Phantasms fading from a fallacious fantasy, all i see is vanity, a temporal travesty, trifled with insanity, leading down a road I can't see

Eyes bled through the led mask, but I still don't feel up to the task,

Flowers fading in far off fantasies,

the enigma of everlasting love,

Petals pursuing passionate plans patiently,

I ask why of the heavens above,

If Perfect beauty comes seasonally,

And time passes so easily,

To handle the hurt ideally,

Must I surrender to fealty,

Falling so far,

Expecting open arms,

Fell so hard,

A face full of harm,

Couldn't help the charm,

Weeping bloody tears,

I'm all open ears,

Tell me the secret I need to hear,

Whispered words through wild winds,

Overcoming innate sin,

Release desire, relinquish addiction,

Being still is my benediction,

Mana fills my cup,

Overflowing into reality,

And As I look up,

darkness shines on me,

Illuminated by wisdom,

I now possess the key