Blowing Up

Its only been two days, since Admiral Nelson has been himself again, since inhaling the gas from the breathing device . Dr. Jamieson had said that his symptoms was a classic case.

Nelson was stopped in his tracks, when the medical tech was able to knock him out for further treatment.


The past two days my husband Captain Lee Crane has not been himself, having to deal with the Admiral, after being accused of mutiny on the Seaview. Lee has not been himself ever since that incident.

Medical Log Update

Case file 0024 Admiral Harriman Nelson, please be advise that further treatment is needed in case of a relapse from the inhaler gas. Institute update report findings is dangerous turning into nerve gas, upon continual use on humans and lab animals.

Commander Rose Marie Cerley Crane report noted...Additional information will be sent to the office of Naval intelligence in regard to safe guards.

Rose Marie was writing up the report in her quarters. Captain Lee Crane came in very quietly making sure not to interrupt his wife from finishing up the report. She was still concern that Admiral Nelson might have a relapse. She was more concern now that Lee Crane having to be very quiet, the past few days despite the fall out.

She turns around to see the dark circles under his eyes, caused by the lack of sleep and the worry about the Admiral.

"Are you ok"? Knowing full well he would lie to her after all this time.

"I am not, Rose, I just can't help it, that the Admiral would consider everyone on the Seaview would actually mutiny against him, after all said and done, I just don't like this barrier that is between us, after all of these years."

"Look Lee!; Admiral Nelson was not himself, You didn't know that the breathing device would actually change him into a raving lunatic, But at lease you and the others were able to stop him before destroying the 11th fleet with the missile."

"Yeah I know!, But do yo know, it was hard having to face him letting him know, in what he had done before it was too late."

Changing the subject. "Did you get the final report on the breathing inhaler?" He asked with concern in his voice.

"Yes!, I will need to speak with Dr. Jamieson about the final results on the testing.


Admiral Nelson having to be in his quarters on board the Seaview was talking with his wife via video phone from Moscow. She would be coming home in a few days due to a special science conference on global warming and marine life.

"Harriman are you sure your all right, After what your told me about what happened, I just hope to god Lee, he doesn't rebell against you, after what was said to him about the mutiny plot?"

"Lee has been very quiet the past few days, as with the rest of the command staff including Chip, I believe Chip did not take it all too kindly about the entire episode."

"Look Harriman I need to go, they are calling for another briefing before I am able to leave for the United States; Please do me a favor take care of yourself and talk with Lee about it, before it's too late."

"All right, I will Silvya." He closed off the video phone to take a deep breath, He was feeling a little bit warm in his quarters, and at the moment, passing out from a blinding headache.


A few minutes later near the reactor room one of the second shift workers was coming out of the reactor in full gear, when he's hit from behind knocking him out cold outside the reactor room sector.

Kowalski coming around the bend checking for the last time his duty watch, was to check on the reactor room and finding one of the crew man, laying on the floor out cold. This is when he pushed the general alarm and informing commander Morton of the injured man along with sickbay.

Sometime later near the aft circuitry room a fire alarm was going off to cause the entire Seaview to buckle, sending everyone off there feet before the trim of the sub was able to even up right.

Ever since the Seaview was updated with a whole new video systems.

Communications would be able to find out the cause, along with a video feed of who or what caused the fire. Captain Crane along with Rose Marie were able to arrive at the control room with reports from Commander Morton and the Communications officer on what exactly was going on.

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