Chapter Three Blowing Up

Dr. Jamieson checked out crew man Phil Galloway, having to be one of the original members of the very first Seaview. He has never seen anything like it with all of the strange things that has been going on the submarine.

He just could not understand, just how this happened in the first place with Phil. There was nothing in the hallway to have him fall to the floor. He had asked Chief Sharkey to check it out.

But in the meantime having received the call about Captain Crane was even more stranger.

Currently he had asked Commander Chip Morton to have Communications, to check out the video logs, once again for anything out of the ordinary. It would take a few hours, before anyone knew anything at all.


Lee Crane was being held down by his wife Rose Marie and Doctor Sterling, having to find himself in Sickbay, instead of his quarters.

"Lee, do you happen to know what had happened, when you felt some sort of a presents? Doctor Sterling asked, while running his medical scanner over his body and head. "You seem to have suffered no damage at all. However there is some sort of a strange substance, that was found on your clothing, at the time Rose Marie found you."

"Did you happen to smell anything, when you sense this presence in our quarters, Lee? When I came in I sense a sickly sweet smell having to be leaving into the air duct at the time, I walked in."

"Come to think of it!, I did at the time, but I had thought it was just my imagination of some sorts, by the way, where is Admiral Nelson at the moment?" Try to get off his bed in sickbay, with everyone holding him down from moving further.

"Rose Marie call Admiral Nelson to see if he's in his cabin, we can then rule out that it might of been him in the first place."

Lee Crane just couldn't understand just what was going on, there was a possible chance that Admiral Nelson might of been taken over by some sort of a creature, that moves through the air vents, along with the attacks to other crew members.

She came back with news that Admiral Nelson, is no where to be seen at the moment.


The creature/Nelson having forms again throughout the entire submarine was checking out his next target.

Patterson having to be going off watch in Engineering, he was waiting for his relief, when someone came in looking like Admiral Nelson asking on how everything was going for him.

He was on the defensive, having heard the rumors. Patterson tried to move away from the Admiral, when it attacks with its sickly smell to have him choke. Before he's able to push the red alert button on the side of the reactor door, and quickly grabbing one of the radiation guns firing, while the creature changed into the air ducts.

Once the creature was able to move out of the air duct. Admiral Nelson was found near the Reactor Room down the hall. When security arrived to find him. Dr. Jamieson and the others following behind, tells them to place a net of some sorts over him, along with using sedation to knock him out completely.