Chapter Four Blowing Up

Admiral Nelson was starting to wake up from the sedation a few hours later, wondering why his head was hurting a great deal.

He was looking up to see Doctor Will Jamieson looking down at him. "What happened to me Will?" Asking the question to his long time CMO and friend.

"You my friend were taken over by some creature, we have been unable, why it's here in the first place."

"I understand now what it wants, it's looking to survive. After it's home was destroyed by an under water quake a few weeks ago, it's the last of it's kind, and I will be damn that I won't be behind it to kill it."

"But what about the crew members having been attacked, and including Captain Lee Crane. I was able to send him back to his quarters to rest with Rose Marie watching out that he doesn't leave the cabin under medical orders."

"It needs a host to survive, without it, it will be dead in 36 hours. I was forced by the creature, I just didn't realize what was going on with all of the attacks, and by the way the creature is female."

" are really in trouble Harriman, who in there right mind, would want to be a host to that thing inside their bodies?"

"We need to put it to a vote, and only those females that are serving and not attached to anyone." Nelson declares to his friend and chief medical officer.

"One thing you do need to do before anything else Harry, is square up with Lee Crane before he bolts again on you and leave for the real Navy once again. It was bad enough that he left for five years, before being asked to come back. (Insert read Whispers in the wind to understand why he left in the first place)

"I will when this entire nightmare is over with in the first place. It's going to be interesting when the announcement is made, on who is going to come forward."


In engineering Seaman Susan Wallace having to be serving on the Seaview the past six months, age 27 years old, never has been married, no siblings, she is a only child, she was able to become a part of the Institute for her special knowledge in engineering with helping out, Commander Rose Marie Crane in enhancing the cloaking devices further.

When she had heard the message over the p.a. system. She had found it an interesting concept to have another entity inside her body as part of the crew. She had made the decision to come see Admiral Nelson in Sickbay with her mind made up to go through with the experiment to help keep the creature alive.

Nelson was in his bunk in sickbay with everyone off watch leaving him with the tech Adam Stoner to watch for any issues with Admiral Nelson.

Susan knocked on his door to have him look up from his reading Moby Dick once again. "Seaman Wallace, what can I do to help you?" He says while placing the book down on his bunk.

"I' m here to take you up on your offer to be a host to the creature. I know the dangers sir, but I want to at least try to save the creature's life, and I guess, it would help me in ways that I probably don't know about."

"All right then, I will call Dr. Jamieson to sickbay, and let him know your decision to join with the creature."

"And where is this creature at the moment?" She asked.

"We were able to have it moved to a lab, to have it stay alive inside the vacuum to survive."

"What is it that I need to do sir?" It was at this point Dr. Jamieson came in with his pajamas still on having to be really late.


Sometime later just outside the lab.

Susan, Admiral Nelson, Dr. Anthony Sterling and Jamieson were ready with the plan to have Susan take on the host.

"Remember once the vacuum is turned off. The creature will be breathing your air, it will be able to read your mind on what your going to do, and help save its life." Dr. Jamieson tells her, while Dr. Sterling will be watching her vitals on the medical scanner.