Chapter 15

After hearing the gunshot, Eve had continued to run through the treeline. Firstly sprinting, she eventually began to gallop on both hands and feet, shooting through the forest like a wild animal. It wasn't long before she had passed the river where Francis had dumped the car with the girls, where she eventually stopped just shy of the train track that arched half way around the town.

Being elevated slightly on a mud mound, Kingston merged into walking before dropping against the angle, leaning with her back and face to the sky. It wasn't long before tears followed her rest, as she threw her muddy hands over her face and wept in otherwise silence.

She could feel a mix of anger and fear, merged together with sorrow after knowing what had happened to her father. That day, a good man, who had gotten mixed up in his daughters misfortune, was shot dead for protecting his murdering beast of a daughter.

This combination of feelings she had made it hard to remain herself. Eve could feel the violent side of her fighting to get out, taking advantage of her exposed state, and wanting to let herself take over.

Physically feeling the notable changes between herself and the alternative personality, the shifting in eye colour, and the increase in nail length and sharpness, she turned over and tried to resist. On all fours, facing the mud mound with back arched, it was as if she had lost her mind as words she didn't intend escaped her lips.

"We know we want revenge..." She spoke, in that sinister tone only her father had heard and lived more than once.

"I can't..." She wept, responding to herself as if a separate being.

"They killed him!" She bashed her fist into the ground.

"Stop it," Eve shook her head.

"He's dead!"

"Please stop!" Her voice cracked.

"And he's never coming back!"

"I... I want him back... so much..."

"We need revenge," her counterpart whispered. "They all need to suffer. I know it, and so do you. We know it."

There was no sort of reply for a short space of time. Eve simply breathed heavily on the spot, looking and sounding as if she might throw up, until she suddenly felt calm. As this uneasy feeling washed over her, she slowly rose back onto two feet, as she said something she would have never even dreamt of saying before.

"Kill them all Eve, kill each and everyone..."

With those three words spoken, 'kill them all', she had officially surrendered herself over to the bloodthirsty side she had been suppressing for so many years. She had given into the hate and the anger, and all she wanted now was her others to hurt just like she was. It was time to officially unleash herself on the small Canadian town she had called home for the past two weeks.

Not too late into the night, around 8pm, Eve had finally arrived back at the town, after having ran a couple miles outward. In between her dates and walks to school, she had taken the time to explore and become fully familiar with the small town, knowing it like the back of her palm. Under the shroud of darkness, this was her town and all its unfortunate inhabitants were in for a 'surprise'.

Both she and her father were aware of the several joggers the town harboured. Whether it was night time, in the morning or afternoon, there were always at least one. Despite the massacre that had been found in the forest just the night before, and the other murders that had occurred there, the runners were still determined.

Hidden within the bushes, no one could have ever expected a girl to be lurking in wait for someone to come along. However, as the first music-filled runner crossed her path, Eve saved no time in pouncing and taking her down.

Fangs and claws already drawn, she quickly made a mess of her first victim, decorating the snow around them like a blank canvas, as she tore the man open. Not caring to consume too much blood, as she was seeking to only kill and not feed, once the man was done for she quickly moved on.

With the sound of snow crunching and frozen twigs snapping not too far away, she galloped through the treeline directly towards the path of an unfortunate woman. Target in sight, she ran slightly to her right where the runner was heading. There, she jumped up into a nearby tree and dropped down onto the jogger, slashing her throat and licking across her leg, like cleaning a spoon.

Knowing the town would be more eventful, unable to sit and wait for victim's to come minutes at a time, she galloped across the open road. Like a deer in the headlights, an oncoming car almost hit Eve as she ran along the road like an animal.

The driver swerved off road slightly and angrily opened his car door, shouting at what he thought was a dog or some other kind of animal. Luckily for him, Eve had her eyes set on a couple who were heading down the next street, who she had spotted through an alley way, sparing the man from a fate he'd have never expected.

As the man and woman walked hand-in-hand down the sparsely lit sidewalk, the feral girl came sliding around the corner before making a b-line for the two. As they stopped to check both ways of the road, Eve latched her arms and legs around the man, sinking her teeth into his collar.

As his girlfriend screamed in terror, Eve turned to her with her blood soaked face and red eyes, and she tried to flee in terror. Once the man had collapsed onto his knees, she kicked off his body for a small boost as she chased the girl back the way they had came. No matter how fast she tried to run, it was no use, and she was quickly tackled to the ground.

Face down in the snow, Kingston crawled up on her back and slashed away at her back. As her entire coat had been ripped through, striking the flesh on her back like she had discovered oil, she dug her hands directly into her skin. Filling her hands with chunks of the woman, feeling blood, flesh and organs squishing between her clenched fists, she pulled upwards and tore her body apart.

Not sticking around with the dead girl, Eve ran down another street where she knew a youth centre was located. It was right about the time that it had closed, leading her to believe that several tasty treats would still be loitering outside.

As the mix of barely teens and even younger hung around, smoking, drinking and talking about obscure sexual encounters they had likely not engaged, an evil presence approached via rooftops before dropping down. Landing directly between two male students, she used her claws on one hand to slash one's stomach open, as she turned to the other and pulled him close for a bite.

Stretching flesh from his throat like a cheesy pizza, the several other students screamed at the sight and quickly started dispersing.

The blood drenched girl turned back to the screaming boy she had cut open, and decided to encourage his screech, as she dug her claws into his eyes. Pressing in until his eyes burst and slapped a fresh coat of blood onto her face, she let him fall as she analysed the fleeing groups. Having separated into at least three different groups, she determined where the most had gone and pursued the unfortunate gang.

Charging after the select three, she leapt once close enough and took her first one down. Whilst the only girl screamed and yelled his name, the final boy ran back and tried to pry him from her grasp. Punching and kicking Eve, shouting for her to let him go, she turned her attention and took him down instead.

Tackling him to the ground, she pressed his face down one way, as she bit into his exposed neck. Spitting the flesh out, she decided to indulge a little and drink a good amount of blood. Meanwhile, the boy she previously had held down had ran around her and grabbed the girls hand, encouraging her to run with him.

Eve immediately continued her pursuit, tackling the boy once again as he was limping, as he unfortunately dragged the girl down with him by hand. Both crashing against the ground, she bit the boys neck from behind, quickly moving onto the girl and leaving him to bleed out.

As the girl had managed to turn over, she begged for her life upon deaf ears, as all she received in response was a face drenched in blood. Having already consumed a fair amount of blood, Eve had decided to regurgitate the DNA from her previous victim all over the girl's face.

Managing to get it all in her eyes and mouth, the girl was throwing up and crying blind, rolling side-to-side as she tried to shake the girl off her. After a brief evil chuckle, Eve punctured the girl's stomach with her long claw, twisting her finger around inside before standing up and leaving the girl to bleed out.

Swiftly after she stood up, a police car pulled up and two officers departed. Astonished from what they had gathered from the situation, one of them drew their pistol, as the other reached in the car for the shotgun.

As the second officer retrieved the shotgun, he looked back where Eve had previously been stood, but she wasn't there. Looking to ask his comrade where she went, he was terrified to find him drop his pistol, holding his throat as gushing blood sprayed from between his fingers.

Falling to the ground, eventually losing grip on his hand and accidentally painting the inside of the car, his partner pumped his weapon as he cautiously looked around for the killer. Unable to find her at all, he anxiously dived back into the car, closing both car doors and pressing down the locks.

As he grabbed the radio and went to make the call, he caught a glance of something in the corner of his eye, in the rear view mirror. Slowly taking a second look, he could see that the girl was sat in the back.

Dropping the radio, he tried the door handle anxiously, completely forgetting that he had previously locked them, and before he had the chance to rectify this, she entered the front of the car. From outside the car, all that could be seen was the vehicle shaking, before a large splatter of blood shot across the car windows.

Exiting the vehicle, she could see the brightly lit hospital at the end of the long street. Presenting itself like food on a shiny platter, she was well aware that of all places, she'd find the most people in that building. Not only this, but it was likely that the patients' conditions would prevent them from escaping, meaning the death toll was about to heavily increase.

Once she had arrived at the hospital, she quickly dived into a nearby bush as several police officers came flooding out the front entrance.

"All over town?" An officer asked.

"Yeah, bodies are being found everywhere," another replied. "Apparently it's a girl doing it all, according to the parents who called it in, their kids were attacked but managed to get away."

"A girl?" A third officer questioned, as they all opened up the doors to a single police cruiser. "Do you think its the guys daughter who was shot at the station earlier? Shouldn't we stay at our post?"

"We've still got two guys on the door, besides there's no way she'd make it to the top floor without it being called first. C'mon."

Once all the officers were in, the siren and flashing lights were straight on as they quickly departed from the front of the building. Eve, who appeared to have snapped out of her feral state, slowly emerged from the bush as she had listened to their conversation.

He's here? He's alive?!

Though they hadn't said it officially, she knew what they said must have meant. He was there, in the hospital, under police protection as he was a injured felon. This changed everything. She quickly scaled the exterior of the building, looking through the windows looking for her father's room.

To her luck, his room was located on the face of the building, one floor below the top, and the officers were waiting outside rather than inside the room. There, she saw Francis hooked up to a life support machine, with a blood packet feeding into his body.

Anxious to see him again, she tapped on the window with a single knuckle, gaining his attention as she slid the window open. Once he had said she could come in, she climbed in and only then did he truly notice the blood all over her.

"Jesus Christ," he cursed. "What have you done?" He asked, wide eyed.

"I... I thought you were dead..." she began to weep, whilst also smiling with the assurance that he was alive. "I was so weak and vulnerable... she convinced me that I needed to get revenge for your death."


"We need to leave this town, as soon as possible," she changed her tone, wiping away her tears. "I can help you up."

"What's the point?"

"What do you mean?" Eve was confused.

"What's the point in all of this Eve? I love you... So, so much. But this can't continue any more. It's torturous both of us, and it causes trouble everywhere we go".

"What are you saying?" Eve asked, unable to hold back as a tear streamed down her cheek.

"I'm saying it's time for you to stop. You've lived your share of years, yet you've been stuck in your younger body, and always will. I can't even remember how long it's been..." He chuckled. "You've killed and killed, and so have I, so that we can live on the same repetitive life everyday. You need to stop".

"Wh- What do you mean stop?"

"Stop feeding... To die..." His words pierced Eve's heart. "You're a monster Eve, a creature cursed by the devil".

Francis continued to shame her with biblical word. Terms and creatures that scared her to accept that she was what her religion repented against, and so in terror she slowly began cowering away across the room from Francis and sat against the wall with the television above her head. Her father was also in tears, as it was a difficult task to tell his daughter that she is a sinful monster that needed to die.

"I love you too much to see you continue this way... I should've ended your life before it got out of hand, before you killed your dog... Your friends... Your mother," he continued, upsetting her further. "I'd rather see you dead than what you are now. You must die!" He began to raise his voice.

"Stop..." Eve cried, shaking back and fourth against the wall.

"You're a monster Eve! A monster that kills to survive! You're a predator!" He started to shout.

She began to claw at her own ears, drawing blood as she intensely tried to hold herself back, as her father continued to upset her. All she was reminded of was how he was making the same mistake that Harry had, telling her what kind of monster she was, encouraging her to act out when it was the last thing she wanted.


As Eve screamed, the room physically shook as her bellowing voice bounced off all surfaces. Francis, fearing for his life as he closed his eyes and expected to die right there and then, opened them soon after only to find that she had left.

The police officers outside charged into the room, weapons drawn, as they quickly searched every inch of the room and connecting bathroom. However, they all soon noticed the bloody footsteps on the ground that seemed to have led inside, before reversing back towards the exit. They all knew she was gone.

"Where is she? Where's she heading?" One officer asked, running beside Francis' bed.

"She'll be heading home..." He immediately responded, giving up his own daughters life as he just wanted everything to be over. He knew that it was all over due. He was ready for his daughter to leave this world, despite the tears it brought him to.

"I know where they live," the other officer replied, being the one who had entered their house one time. "I'll go there, you stay here."

"Wait!" He called after the officer, who was already on his way out. "You need backup!"

"I'll call for back up on my way there, just stay here with the prisoner."

And with that order, officer Price fled the building and hopped into his cruiser near the entrance. Throwing on his lights and siren, he grabbed the radio and intended to make the call for backup when he paused briefly, before silently placing it back in its holster.

Eve Kingston, the girl who dated my son, and was with him the night he died. A blood thirsty murderer. If anyone's taking her down, it'll be me who does it!

He stepped on the pedal and sped towards the complex. No one was going to get in the way of him getting justice for his son's death.