Chapter 16

I'm so sorry Eve... my beautiful daughter. But you died all those years ago in that alley way when you were attacked... I'm not protecting the monster that harbours your body anymore. You will be put to rest, finally...

Officer Price was speeding through the streets in his cruiser. On a mission to catch this girl before she fled, nothing could possibly sway him from his decision; to apprehend, or if it came to it, take down this criminal.

All he could think about was the last time he had entered that apartment. The night his son died, before anyone had confirmed that it was Harry among them, he spoke to both of the criminals that had been terrorising his town. He, like everyone else, had been completely deceived by those two, looked Eve directly as she slept, and never envisioned she was responsible for it all.

On his way to the complex, he passed several of the scenes that Eve had created on the streets. Flashing lights from police and ambulances lit up the entire town, several bodies scattered around the area, with several citizens surrounding the sights.

How did a small community such as there's become a cesspool for murder in under a month? How were only two people responsible for it all?

With news reporters from other towns and even the nearest city reporting the situation, word had gotten out and everyone was aware of the terror they had created. It had never got as bad as it was. Never before had they left so many bodies behind, and had it broadcasted all over the country. She had really done this time.

As Price pulled up outside the apartment, he looked up to the room and saw that the newspapers had been taken down. As well as this, there was a taxi waiting outside, leading him to assume that she was planning on leaving, but was still in the apartment at the time.

After finally calling in the location and need for backup, he rushed from his seat and entered the reception. Ignoring the woman, simply flashing his badge and running through, by the time he was in the second floor corridor, he had drawn his gun.

Checking the room numbers, having remembered theirs since his recent visit, he finally arrived outside her room and paused briefly. He took a deep breath, checked his gun for the safety and switched it off. There was no time to play around with someone this dangerous. Then, he entered.

Once Eve had arrived back in her apartment, the first thing she did was get a shower. She washed off all the blood from herself and out of her hair. Once she had stepped out, she wiped away the condensation from the mirror, and just looked at herself. For some reason, in that moment, she really wanted to look pretty, just like Mrs. Graham said she was.

Instead of hurrying with her escape, knowing full well that the taxi was already on its way, she took a brush to her hair and even dried it properly. Afterwards she put on the dress that her father must've taken the time to clean for her, and sprayed on the perfume she had used for the date.

Once ready, she entered the kitchen and opened up her father's suitcase. She took everything out and put her things into his, then repacked the newspapers and tape. Inside, she also found the jar with all the money from the people Francis had ever killed. Thousands of dollars, in the form of so many different dollar bills. Enough to get her by for many more years to come, no matter where she went.

However, she had come to the realisation that maybe it was time to go far, far away. For years, she and her father had travelled all around America, and for the past two years, they had moved around in Canada. With all the money she had, she could go anywhere in the world, so maybe it was time to get a passport...

All this money, and the thought of moving to another country all on her own, finally gave her the feeling of becoming an adult. Considering, despite her appearance, she had entered adulthood several years ago, it was long overdue and it even felt a little exciting. Finally, she was becoming the adult she should've so long ago... Or so it seemed.

With the suitcase in hand, she walked towards the door, when she heard several footsteps coming up the hallway. Then, as the footsteps stopped in front of her door, and she could see the shadow of a figure standing in the doorway from beneath the door, it began to rattle.

"Eve, give it up!" Officer Price called to her from behind the door, after attempting to enter but it had been locked. "We can take you into custody, and no one else needs to get hurt. Just open the door!"

She froze to the spot.

No... No! Why did he have to come after me? HOW did he know that I would be here? What do I do now? I don't want to kill anyone else... I just want to leave.

There was still time to leave. If she abandoned the suitcase and fled out the window, she could get in the taxi, and leave before the officer would have time to pursue them. However, as she dropped her suitcase and ran back into her bedroom, Price booted the door through and chased after her.

Shouting for her to stop, he followed into the bedroom where he watched her open the window and climb into the frame. He called for her to stop one last time, where she faced him and stared down the barrel of the gun. She had never been shot before.

Unsure of whether he could do it, listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat and the trembling grip around his weapon, she faced away and intended to drop out the window.

Despite the hatred he held towards her, and the knowledge of what she had done, he still saw it as shooting down a child. It wasn't something his heart would let him do, but he couldn't let her escape.

He had her in his sights, closed his eyes, and pulled the trigger. Shooting three times, each bullet entered her from behind. Through her right shoulder, her rib and into her chest. After receiving each wound, her vision faded and she fell from the two-story building directly onto the snow below.

Price opened his eyes and saw she was gone. He raced to the window and looked down, seeing her body lying face-first on the ground, with blood pouring out from her onto the flat crispy blanket around her. And at that moment, several emergency response vehicles arrived on the scene.

It took less than 10 minutes for the entire complex to turn into a sectioned off crime scene. With police all over the area to try and keep out the townspeople, and news teams reporting the incident, it was easy to see that no one was getting any sleep that night.

After the crime scene had been properly set up, and a team had taken photos of her body and inside the apartment, Eve's body was zipped up inside a body bag and taken into a nearby ambulance. Price walked alongside her body, as it was wheeled to the ambulance on a gurney, only stopping once the body was inside and the doors had closed.

"Officer, Officer!" A reporter ran over to Price, both mic and camera aimed his way. "What is your take on everything that happened tonight?"

"What happened tonight was terrible, and will forever be remembered by everyone in this small town," he replied. "All of the people who were harmed or worse tonight, had all fallen victim of the Kingston father and daughter, who had only recently moved into our community, easy creating the worst crime I've ever experienced in my ten years of service. Even taking away my own son..."

"Do you believe that the Kingston's are related to all of the recent killings that have occurred over the past two weeks? As well as the blood that has been stolen from the local hospital?"

"Without a doubt, this was caused by the same people," he confidently responded. "Though there's no definite evidence at this moment, I am confident a search of their apartment and analysis of the bodies will prove my accusation."

The reporter hummed positively, taking a moment to look at her notepad and write down some notes from what she had gathered from the interview. Then, after a short silence, she continued to ask her next question.

"And how difficult was it? To have to shoot and kill the daughter?"

He paused before giving an answer. Going over the event in his head, how hesitant he was at the time when confronted in the situation. Reliving the event briefly, before coming to the decision that he couldn't even begin to explain that feeling. It was certainly something he'd never want to repeat.

As he was clearly sensitive about the question, he intended to walk away, when the reporter tried to stop him from leaving. Attempting to pat his arm, he crossed back under the tape where she couldn't venture beyond. Before he was out of range, she shouted one final question his way.

"What do you think's gonna happen to this little town after tonight's events?"

He stopped, and turned back to the crew.

"Once we clean up the mess those two created, we'll mourn our losses, but within a month's time we'll be able to move on from this crisis. Our town may not have ever been involved in something like this before, but we're a strong community," he confidently stated. "This will never happen again."

The reporter turned back to the camera and wrapped up her segment, before being told they were off the air and the camera was put away. Quickly after, she ran over to the officer, as he had come from behind the tape further down the complex and started to get back in his cruiser.

She thanked him foe the interview, telling him how it was incredibly helpful, and he simply nodded in response, before closing his car door. He reversed out the complex and made his way back to the police station, he had a lot of paperwork that he'd have to fill out upon arrival.

During his calm drive back, all he could think about was that girl and everything she had done.

How could someone so young do what she did? How was she even killing them all, since no weapon was ever found on her or at any of the crime scenes? What was her intent? She must've been 12, 14 at the oldest, somewhere around Harry's age... How does someone at that age do what she did?

He was just pleased to see that it was all going to finally be over. Despite passing the other crime scenes on his way to the station, more bodies being loaded into ambulances, he could rest assure that no more deaths were going to pile up as they had. Francis was going to be locked away for a very long time, and soon everything would be back to normal...

In the ambulance that had come from the nearby city, which was now on its way back, the body of Eve laid strapped to the gurney in the back. The only two doctors in the vehicle drove in near silence, simply listening to the radio reports as they focused on the dark snowy road back to their depot, unaware of anything that were to occur behind them.

From inside the body bag, a sharp fingernail had managed to start moving the zip down from the head of the bag, sliding it down to the foot. Unzipping it slowly, and with the assistance of the radio, her escape went unnoticed to those ahead of her, as she was able to cut off the restraints and climb off the gurney.

"How crazy was that shit?" The driver asked the passenger, as the news segment ended.

"I know," the other replied. "For such a small town to have so many people killed all of a sudden, fucking crazy."

"Y'know, even living in the city, we nev-"

The man gasped and gurgled, catching the passengers attention as he saw that his throat has been sliced open from behind his seat. Then, he turned and saw deep into Eve's vermillion eyes, as the ambulance swerved off the road and toppled down into the treeline.

After crashing into place, having smoke fly high from the vehicle, only Eve emerged from the passenger door, as she limped back up onto the road. She checked her body and saw that already, the gunshot wounds had slightly sealed up.

With a face full of blood, having had a snack for the road, she had nothing on her person besides the load of cash she had stuffed into her bra before the officer arrived. She took one last look at the town she had come from, and walked down the opposite direction on the road. Despite the little complications she had ran into with Price, she was properly starting from scratch and ready to live her new life.

She was finally free. Finally, the adult she always wanted to be.

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