'You're wrong.'

'I'm right.'

Debate, argument, yelling:

They start from simple perspective,

A foundational schema.

Two people, one road:

'From this side on the line

'I'm on the Right,

You're on the left,'

They both think.

They are both mistaken;

They are both correct.

Humans have two eyes

That only look one way

One direction

The 360 of life is inconceivable

Because to see all around

One needs a mirror;

To give birth to understanding

Is to acknowledge your erring nature.

And humans are stubborn statues,

The only way to move is to crumble.


But when you take away

The lines,

It's one space:

No ground, no sky, no road.

It's outerspace,


Where everyone floats,

Drifts without conclusion.

There's no up and down

Because there is no basis of comparison.


Where there is one context;

Everyone is wrong

Nobody's right.