-And The Cat Shall Rule-
It's time to wake, my human.
You will not tell me nay.
For if you dare to try it, it's for mercy you shall pray.

Rise, my loyal servant.
Place your feet upon the floor.
There is no food in my bowl,
You must provide some more.

Wake and serve your feline god.
Submit to me you will.
Or claws and teeth may prod,
And do what is more painful still.

Well done my humble servant.
You have met my requirements all.
You may leave my exalted presence,
But must return at my softest call.

Why, you ask, must you serve and care,
For my slightest need?
Because my cuteness demands it,
It is the feline creed.

Ever since humans met us
They recognized our worth.
They painted symbols on their walls
Recognizing our rule over their turf.

Now our image glows from many boxes of light.
How can any deny that it is our feline right?
We will bring you joy, between our bouts of pique.
But you must never disturb our nap, or allow us to appear less than chic.