The revenge files no.3: Jamie's story
Big baby

Siblings are like lottery tickets in the sense that you don't know what you're going to get until it's too late so you better get lucky. Some are loyal to the point of taking a bullet for their siblings, and others are screaming, crying, demanding little brats. I'm sure you can guess which type I'll be talking about. This is Jamie's story.

"NOOO!" Vincent screamed, stomping his foot as he held up the candy bar he wanted. "YOU HAVE TO GET ME THIS ONE! NOTHING ELSE!" Jamie tried to find somewhere to hide as other shoppers looked their way. Most of the shoppers were walking right past it, some were pretending not to notice the meltdown and others were outright laughing at him. He even saw a lady turned to her young daughter and cover her ears. Jamie and Vincent's mother, Janet, was cringing at the sound of Vincent's voice.

"Now, now, Vincent, I'm sure it's not that bad," she soothed. But Vincent was having none of it.

"THIS IS THE BEST ONE!" Vincent screamed. "YOU HAVE TO GET IT!" Janet cracked like an egg.

"How much?" Janet sighed. Vincent grinned and Jamie felt defeated. The spoiled brat had claimed another undeserving victory. His brother grinned at him.

"Watch and learn, little brother. Do what I do and you get everything you want," Vincent smirked smugly.

Yes, you read that right. This is not a mistake. Vincent is Jamie's older brother, not some whining brat at only five years old. For reference, Vincent is fifteen years old, and Jamie is thirteen. Everyone first thought Jamie was older than Vincent, since he was taller and more mature than Vincent, which led to Vincent sulking for the rest of the day.

At the end of the day, Vincent was a spoiled baby in a teen's body. Jamie felt embarrassed thinking about his brother's deplorable behaviour.

Vincent is so embarrassing when he throws tantrums in public. He's nothing like a normal fifteen-year-old. He's basically a big baby . . . Big baby . . . Big baby . . . Big baby . . . Big baby . . . Big baby . . . Suddenly, Jamie had an idea. Sometimes, the best thing that you can do for someone is to give them what they want.

First, Jamie decided to change Vincent's bedtime to something a little earlier. So, the next night when Vincent was refusing to go to bed until he'd played one more level on some virtual football game, Jamie brought the clock forward until it said midnight. "Hey, Vincent! Haven't you seen the time?"

"What? It's midnight? Guess I'll have to go to bed," Vincent decided, turning off the console and going upstairs. Once he was gone, Jamie moved the time on the clock to the actual time: 18:15.

This was continued every night, and Vincent fell for it every time. Eventually, Jamie didn't have to move the clock forward to get Vincent to go to bed. Part 1 was complete.

Part 2 was as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Jamie waited for Vincent to wash his blue pyjamas, then threw some pink fabric dye into the wash cycle and waited for the inevitable.

The tantrums Vincent threw when he saw his purple pyjamas was glorious to watch, and Jamie knew that when you gave him an option that seemed better than what he had before, he'd jump on it. So when Jamie convinced him that footed onesies were perfect for sleeping in, Vincent jumped on the idea. Soon, Vincent was refusing to sleep in anything that wasn't a glorified baby onesie, so Janet obediently bought him some in every colour she could find. Part 2 was over.

Part 3 was the hardest part of all. Jamie had to get Vincent into round the clock diapers to complete the look. He started with the old trick of putting his brother's hand in warm water overnight to make Vincent wet the bed. Although the trick worked, Vincent simply refused to wear diapers and searched for other ways to stop himself wetting the bed. Jamie left out a fake article stating that drinking more water before bed and holding his urine until he couldn't take any more helped dramatically with bed-wetting. Vincent snapped it up and put it to the test, and it wasn't long until the spoiled baby was wetting himself night and day, and the diapers became a necessity.

Necessities being necessities, it wasn't long until Vincent abused them and decided to leave brown, stinky presents in them, too. He still had a sense of entitlement about him, demanding that someone else changed his diapers. Jamie once felt embarrassed about having such a spoiled brat of a brother, but not now. His brother had become an oversized baby, diapers and all. All he needed now was a little bit of luck. And for once in his life, Jamie was the one who got what he wanted.

When he heard that his older cousin, David, was going to stay at their house for two weeks, and Jamie wanted to cheer when he heard the news. David was one of the many people who hated Vincent for being so spoiled and demanding. The showdown between them would be epic.

Jamie greeted David warmly, showing him around and explaining how everything worked when, out of the blue, Vincent showed up, wearing only his onesie and underneath that, a diaper that really needed to be changed. David was shocked at Vincent's appearance. Where was the bratty cousin throwing tantrums like a toddler?

"Vincent, what are you wearing?" David exclaimed. "It looks ridiculous!"

"Actually, this is a set of pyjamas designed for the ultimate amount of comfort," Vincent shot back. He still had the infuriating spoiled attitude he was known for. "Not like you'd know anything about it, since you can't seem to earn anything like this."

"You didn't earn it, you screamed and cried and begged until it was given to you," David corrected. "I always thought you were a big baby, and now you look like one too! You're even wearing a diaper, and it looks like you need to be changed!"

"No, I don't!" Vincent yelled, but David was too fast and, with Jamie's help, carried him over to the bathroom where they ran into Janet.

"Oh, hey, boys!" Janet cheerfully greeted, before properly looking at the situation. "What's going on?"

"I was just taking Vincent to the bathroom so he could be changed," David explained. "I've had plenty of practice with my job as a babysitter." Janet sighed happily.

"I'll do it this time, but it's good to know that you can help if you have to," Janet answered, taking Vincent by the hand and leading him into the bathroom. The door shut behind them, and a small struggle seemed to ensure. Jamie and David heard Janet saying, "If you don't like how I'm doing it, you can do it yourself!" That made the boys smirk.

After breakfast, the three boys stayed downstairs doing anything to pass the time. Jamie was reading, David was watching a video and Vincent was complaining.

"Why do we have to stay inside? I want to go out and see that new phone I heard about," Vincent moaned loudly. "I'm bored."

"You already have a phone," Jamie told him, exasperated. "You don't need a new one."

"But I want a new one and I want to go out," Vincent argued. "You should listen to me. I always get what I want, you know." Jamie was going to tell him no again, when David stepped in.

"I say we give him what he wants," David stated. "If he wants to go out, then he should be able to go out." When Vincent heard that, his face lit up with a smug smile.

"Great! I'll get changed," Vincent said, as he got up.

"Oh, what you are wearing is fine," David pointed out. Vincent became uneasy.

"But I'm wearing my pyjamas," Vincent gulped nervously.

"Oh, a big baby like you doesn't care what they wear in public," David disputed, as he got his coat and took Vincent with him. "Jamie, where are the diapers kept?"

"In the bathroom," Jamie answered. "I'll get everything he'll need for a diaper change."

"Thanks," David smiled. "Once that happens, we can go out."

Every step they took once they were out of the door embarrassed Vincent to no end. He was used to being in control, but now everything was decided by David and Jamie. Once they'd got off the street he lived on, things got really scary. Vincent felt like he was being mocked by every pedestrian that saw him, whether they laughed or not. Eventually, the boys came to the centre of town, and Vincent wanted to cry.

There, standing together with wide grins on their faces, were all of Vincent's victims. Vincent had bullied them for not having the newest things and laughed hysterically when bad things happened to them. These kids had been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

"Nice onesie," one girl told him.

"So looks aren't always deceiving," a boy laughed.

"Do you need a change?" a set of identical twins giggled.

"Go away!" Vincent whimpered, as the mob closed on him. "Jamie? David? Where are you?"

"They had to go somewhere that won't allow babies," a chubby girl explained. Clearly she was the leader. "So we will be looking after you." She carefully unzipped the onesie, showing that Vincent really needed a fresh diaper. This one had a telltale brown stain on its seat and a growing yellow spot on the front.

"Don't touch me!" Vincent snapped.

"Oh, do you want to be spanked, big baby?" the girl mocked, as the first of many slaps stung his spoiled rear. Onlookers formed a crowd around them, jeering and mocking and recording his ordeal for the world to laugh at.

And all through the spanking, Vincent cried like the big baby he was.