It was a game gone terribly wrong; a moment of total chaos as the house was thrown into complete and utter turmoil.

"Heidi you cheated!"

The young boy, perhaps with too much hair over his eyes to see properly, held a stack of cards in his hand.

"You're a stupid cheater!"

Heidi, the girl accused of cheating, and whose hair was probably a little too short over the forehead to block the sun, was equally frustrated.

"I didn't cheat Dylan, you're just angry because you lost."

Her small stack of cards was strewn across the floor, fours and aces everywhere.

"You're a dirty rotten cheat and you know it Heidi." He crossed in arms and squashed his face into a pout. It looked rather like a squashy orange than anything else.

"You can't prove anything." Heidi, who was prouder and therefore wiser, had it set that she was obviously right.

"MUM!" The young boy squealed in full force. "Mum Heidi's cheating!"

If it had been a real emergency the mother may have come running at full pelt, but as it were she had been watching the whole thing. Having wanted the children to come to their differences by themselves she realised they may need the sacred hand of motherly intervention.

"Dylan why do you think Heidi cheated?"

Dylan flicked back his hair, thinking he had won now.

"She got three hands in a row."

"Heidi did you cheat?" There's something about a mother's voice which brings children to honesty however, if there was honesty, it wasn't the answer Dylan wanted.

"No Mum, I just got lucky."

"She put the cards up her sleeve." Unfortunately the boy had recently watched an episode on magician's tricks and was now always looking out for the sly moves of something that was not quite right.

"Did you Heidi?"

"Of course not Mum." She pushed her sleeves up to show only a stretchy bangle around her wrist.

The mother sighed.

"Dylan, it's very unlikely that Heidi cheated, she got lucky cards. Maybe you'll get lucky cards next time." She knelt onto the ground. "And if you get lucky cards you wouldn't want Heidi to say you cheated now would you?"

No longer squashing his face but instead showing a countenance of despair, Dylan looked at the floor.

"No Mum."

"Good, now I want you to both apologise to each other for shouting. If you're not going to play nicely I'm going to take the cards away."

Heidi sniggered under her breath, glad that she wasn't the one in trouble. She stuck up her chin in victory.

"Sorry Dylan."


He continued to look at the floor. "Sorry Heidi."

The mother smiled.

"Good. Clean up the cards and why don't you go play outside."

She walked away leaving the two children alone in the room. As soon as she was gone Dylan looked up at Heidi.

"I know you cheated."

She crossed her arms and smiled. "You can't prove anything."

The two children picked up the cards from the floor and ran outside to play. The mother, as she saw them go outside, took the stack and put them high on a shelf.

"My," she murmured. "Who knew snap could get so violent."