The Adventures of Dust Dog!

Disclaimer: Dust Dog, Doris the Dust bunny and Vacuum Cleaner belong to me and my odd imagination.

On A sunny day in Dust Bunny Community, Doris the Dust Bunny was walking her dog (appropriately named) Dust Dog. She passed the Town Hall, and she heard a strange noise. She turned around and saw Dust Dog. But something else was behind Dust Dog! THE VACUUM CLEANER! The arch enemy of Dust Bunny Community, a peaceful and cheery little village, had been rumored to come, but it was said to be a legend. The town elders had denied that anything like this could ever happen and that the town was as safe as could be. But this was not true, and Vacuum Cleaner had come at last to terrorize the town with his massive, deadly powers and destroy the one pleasant and good land!

Dust Dog ran, trying to find safety. He was looking for shelter when he came across a hollow log. He hesitated for a minute, but the rushing sound not at all far behind him convinced him that dashing into the log would be the best idea. Vacuum Cleaner swept his way through the dust bunnies' beloved home without pity or remorse! Dust Dog heard the rushing sound above him get louder! He didn't know what to do, he was sure he had met the end of the line, but all of a sudden, the whirring and rushing of Vacuum Cleaner as silenced!

Dust Dog wandered out of his place of refuge...

But what he saw was a ghastly and utterly SHOCKING surprise! No longer was Dust Bunny Community a thriving, bustling, productive town. It was more like a barren wasteland where a community with talent for living beyond all others had once stood. Dust Dog was the sole survivor. He let out a long, mournful call that echoed over the flat, uninhabited land.

Dust Dog knew he could not stay in his former, home, since the all-powerful Vacuum Cleaner would return to dominate the land. So he gathered any food he could find and salvaged anything of value to him for use on his journey and set off. He didn't know where he was going, but he knew he had to try, for the sake of his own life.

Chapter Two: In the Open...
Dust Dog had left the home he loved. He was at the edge of town and trekking across a huge blanket of shaggy, pink grass (something humans would call a rug). These things he had never seen before astounded Dust Dog. Looking up, he saw a white, plaster sky. He suddenly encountered a large, old looking tree (known to humans as a house plant). Dust Dog decided that this would be the perfect place to sleep for the night that he was sure was growing near. So he climbed through the tiny hole in the tree's trunk.

Inside, the room of the tree was quiet, dry and cozy. Dust Dog took out his blanket and went to sleep.

The next day, Dust Dog was awakened by his new home being violently lifted into the air. The tree shook violently. Dust Dog bounced around the room as the tree moved until he was thrown from the room, along with his things. He violently hit the ground. Dust Dog shook and angry fist at the shaking tree that was being maneuvered into a large metal can. So he left the spot where his former home had once stood, for he was homeless yet again.

Chapter Three: The Evil Returns...
Dust Dog was still walking. His feet ached and he had fallen in a hole somewhere along the way. Her was walking when he decided to stop for lunch. Dust Dog opened his nap sack and removed a chicken bone then began to eat it contently.

When Dust Dog decided to move along, he was so happy and felt so awake that he whistled while he walked along. He was passing another tree when he heard a familiar whirring sound...

VACUUM CLEANER HAD RETURNED! Dust Dog looked helplessly around, searching for a hide out. But when he found nothing, he decided to flee in order to save himself! Dust Dog was on the run!

He found a lump of blue, semi-transparent grass (called "Kleenex" by humans). He was desperate, so he dove under it just in time. "WHOOSH!" Vacuum Cleaner bellowed angrily. But the evil villain retreated. Dust Dog wiped sweat from his eyes. He had lived!