Let's begin with my own story, I hope you like it.

Ep 1: The Knight from the past

Voice: Many years ago, in a medieval era, in a kingdom, there were knights who fought valiantly. One of them demonstrated his skills and was known as Dragon Knight. The knight, along with a sorceress, formed a team that defeated dark knights and mythical monsters, using strength and magic.

The knight was a dark blond haired boy, with a knight armor that cover all his body including his face and head and a cape.

Voice: Despite of his appearance, he demonstrated his bravery in the battles for the kingdom. He had a very close relationship with the sorceress, who was a girl and seemed to be more than friends.

The sorceress was a girl with long light blond hair. She was wearing a wizzard-like outfit with hooded cape. But it looks like little revealing for her figure.

Voice: She, despite her age, knew many magic spells. Together they fought as a great team. One day, the King of the kingdom, seeing that the Knight was very important in his army and for his valor, he decided to give the hand of his daughter, the Princess of the kingdom, Hestia.

The Princess was a girl with short pink hair.

Voice: But the Knight showed little interest in the Princess. The Princess was annoyed to see that the Knight showed a close relationship with the sorceress instead of her.

One day, the Knight and the Sorceress were talking in a boat on a lake. In an old language.

Knight: (Removing his helmet) I don't know how long I must be acting in front of the Princess.

Sorceress: Being honest with yourself. You have to take your decision as a knight, Alexander.

Alexander: Thanks, Helena. You were more like a friend to me.

Helena: (Blushed) Ah! You don't have to say those things to me!.

Alexander: You should learn a spell that allow you to be more grateful.

Helena: Hey! Don't make laugh of me!

Alexander: Take it easy.

Helena: Whatever, I have to return, my friend is waiting for me. See you later.

Alexander and Helena returned to shore and left. Princess Hestia saw them and felt angry at seeing them together.

Voice: Some days later, a huge group of dark knights attacked the palace of the kingdom. The Dragon Knight Alexander and his group confronted the dark knights, but they used evil creatures that made them quite difficult.

Alexander arrived at the castle but saw that the King and Queen were killed. He felt sorry for not defending his kingdom as dark knights were being supported by more mythical creatures. Alexander tried to find the Princess but she was missing, then he saw that his group was also being annihilated, so he was forced to escape.

Alexander went to a town to find his friend Helena, but that town was also annihilated.

Alexander: (Terrified) It can not be!

Helena: (Appearing behind him) Alexander?

Alexander: Helena, are you okay?

Helena: (Feeling sad) Yeah, but my family, my neighbors…

Alexander: There's nothing we can do, the dark knights are attacking all the kingdom. We must go.

Helena: Alexander, I should have been with your group. We would have had a chance to defeat them.

Alexander: Now what?

Helena: We must go to that island; we could be safe for a time.

Then they sailed to an island, until they came to unknown terrain.

Helena: Alexander, I have to tell you something.

Alexander: What?

Helena: The dark knights attacked my town because they were looking for me.

Alexander: Why you?

Helena: They are looking for me to use the spells of the future. A spell that serves to be reborn in the future time and to continue with its conquests. It is like eternal life.

Alexander: No way! If they learn that spell, all history could be dominated by evil.

Helena: I was in other place with my friend. I didn't expected they were searching the spells from my family.

Alexander: Then we must…

Hestia: (Appearing to them) Alexander!

Alexander: Princess Hestia, you are safe! I'm glad.

Hestia: (To Helena) So you must be the Sorceress that is with Alexander.

Helena: Princess Hestia, how did you get here?

Suddenly, a dark knight appeared behind the Princess grabbing her from behind.

Alexander: Princess!

Dark knight: So you are the Dragon Knight that defeated many of my army before.

Helena: That voice, you are the strongest dark knight, Demitri.

That Dark Knight removed his helmet, he was a boy with black hair.

Demitri: That's right, I was sent to capture the Princess and obtain the magical spell for future life.

Alexander: No way! (Taking out his sword) You won't travel to future to alter the history!

Alexander went to attack Demitri who left Hestia. The two knights were fighting very hard. After a difficult battle, Alexander was able to defeat Demitri.

Hestia: (Approaching to Helena) Hey, do you know the spell for future life?

Helena: Yeah, it was for an emergency in case of there were wizards to use to travel to future…

Suddenly, it's heard a shot; Alexander realized that Helena was shot by Hestia, who had a handgun.

Alexander: (In shock) Helena! (To Hestia) why?

Hestia: (Smiling evilly, while pointing the gun to him) Alexander, how foolish you have been.

Demitri: (Waking up) Ha! You didn't realize? Princess Hestia was who gave us access to the palace and the kingdom! I allowed her to follow you to find the Sorceress, your friend.

Alexander: Hestia! How could you?

Hestia: Because I wanted to live eternally and I expected you live with me.

Alexander: No! That's not the good way!

Hestia: If only… (Getting upset) you love me! But you preferred that bitch! So I made a deal with the dark knights to obtain the magic spell.

Helena: (Wounded) How… did you… obtain that weapon?

Alexander: I didn't know that kind of weapon.

Hestia: Well, a good friend of you know the same spell like you but not powerful. So she gave me an item from the future. (Imagining what she said)

Helena: What? No! She couldn't…

Alexander: Hestia! How could you do that to your own kingdom? To your parents!

Demitri: Enough words! (He took his sword and stabbed Alexander) Your days as Dragon Knight is over!

Alexander fell to the ground bleeding. Helena realized that.

Helena: Alexander!

Hestia: (Pointing to her) Now, Sorceress, tell me the spell for Future life!

Helena: Go to the hell!

Hestia: (Pointing to Alexander) Tell me, or I'll finish him.

Alexander was too weak to get up.

Helena: I don't know the full spell, but my magic book is in home. In that, there's the spell you want to know but only a sorceress can make the spell. I won't tell you the spell!

Hestia: Well it's a shame. (Then she shot Helena three times)

Alexander: (Crying) STOP!

Hestia: Don't worry, darling. You can go to heaven together. (She shot him many times too. The scene turned in black) I guess we have to go back that town to ask her about the spell from that book.

Demitri: Yeah, let's go!

Later, Alexander and Helena's bodies were abandoned. Then Helena was trying to wake up but was bleeding. She realized Alexander was bleeding too; he could even react a little.

Helena: Alexander…. Can you… hear me?

Alexander: (Nearly dying) My armor, couldn't resist… that sword… and that strange weapon…

Helena: Take this (Giving him a blue jewel) it will useful to you… you are the last hope… to save the future…

Alexander: (Nearly dying) Helena...

Then Helena began to recite a magical spell, magic dust surrounded Alexander then he dies. She continued the spell; a lot of soil buried his body.

Helena: (Nearly dying) Alexander… I hope… you can save the world… (She recited another spell very weak, after that she dies)

Voice: The time of the Dragon Knight was extinguishing from that time. It's not believed that lives from past can reach future time by reborning.

Then it's seen how time was passing from old until reaches the current time. The place of that scene is Japan in modern time.

At a school, many students were leaving to their homes. A short brown-haired school girl with glasses was there.

Girl with glasses: Hey, hurry up!

Another school girl appeared too. She was a long light blonde hair girl but her face was unshown.

School girl: Yeah, yeah, Nao.

Nao: Geez! You're too slow, Asuka.

Asuka: Sorry, but another group of boys were still bothering me again. They should stop those non-sense acts already.

Asuka and Nao were walking while talking.

Nao: Asuka, other boys tried to confess to you?

Asuka: Yeah, but I rejected them. I guess that was three times. I'm getting tired to be the attraction of the school. Geez!

Nao: Well, you're so popular. So why you just date one of the boys and your problem will be solved.

Asuka: I told you, I'm not interested to date with someone. It's just…

Nao: Ah! I think I know the reason. It's because of your dream when we were in Kindergarten.


Little kids were talking about their future. It was Asuka's turn.

Asuka: (Smiling) I had a dream. When I grow up, I'll marry with a Knight who was a hero in the past.

Some kids and adults were a little confused what she said but Asuka was happy about her dream.

/End of flashback/

Asuka was a bit funny nervous to remember that.

Asuka: That was a long time ago! Besides, we're not kids anymore. We're sixteen!

Nao: But you seem you didn't forget that dream.

Asuka: Come on, it was just a silly dream. It won't come true.

Nao: You're right.

Asuka's voice: "That was a beautiful dream in that time. Also my parents read me a lot of stories about knights and adventures. And also when a girl is in danger a knight will rescue her and live together happy. But it just is a fairy tale, as if a past life can reborn in these times. I wondered why I had that dream"

Meanwhile, in the mountains in a forest, it's seen how a part of ground was moving. Then a hand came out and then an arm and finally a human body. A blonde boy with medieval armor and cape came out from the ground, it was Alexander.

Alexander was coughing and felt some pain in his body. Then he saw that he was in an unknown place and was very confused. He touched his head, took out his helmet and cried out very confused.

Alexander: (Speaking in modern language) What happened? This is… (Realizing while was speaking) Eh? What kind of language is this, and why I speak it perfectly?

He was checking in his body the wounds he had in the past battle. There's no wounds but little scars were on his body.

Alexander: Where I am? All I remember… (Flashbacks about Hestia, Demitri and Helena. And how Demitri stabbed a sword and Hestia shot him) Agh! Helena, What did you do?

Alexander had a headache but then was seeing the place where he was. Then he walking down from the mountains.

Alexander: What happened with the environment? (Then he realized something amazing. He arrived the modern city Tokio) What kind of town is this?

Alexander was walking carrying his helmet. He was confused while seeing modern stuff like cars, stores and people who watching him confused.

Alexander: Why those persons are using weird customs, those buildings are strange. I need to know what this place is.

Meanwhile, Asuka and Nao keep walking until reach a bus stop.

Nao: Well, Asuka, I'm leaving now.

Asuka: Okay, see you tomorrow!

Alexander keeps walking while watching the city.

Alexander: I have to find information of this land; also, I need to remember why I was sent here.

Suddenly, he stopped to see a school girl walking while her hair was waving by the wind. He was surprised to see her face was the same like Helena's. That girl was Asuka.

Alexander: (Surprised) Helena? No way!

He was attempting to run but then he saw three delinquents were following Asuka.

Asuka was walking a little worried, she realized the delinquents were after her.

Delinquent 1: Hey baby, don't run.

Delinquent 2: Play with us!

Asuka: Get away from me!

Asuka began to run but the delinquents run and caught her. They pull her in an alley.

Asuka: Leave me! You jerks!

Asuka was pushed to a wall while the delinquents trying to do something.

Delinquent 1: Wow! I didn't know school girls could develop their bodies too fast.

Delinquent 3: Look her butt and boobs! So big as I like!

Delinquent 2: Let's enjoy a lot!

The delinquents grabbed her skirt and pulling her shirt. Asuka was scared and nearly crying.

Asuka: (In her state) No! Someone, save me!

The delinquents were attempting to remove her clothes with a knife and rape her but suddenly they were hit and felt to the ground.

Delinquent 1: Aw! Who hit me?

Alexander: What are you trying to do?

Asuka realized his presence; she can't believe what was happening in front of her eyes.

Asuka: (Surprised) A knight?

Delinquent 2: Who the hell are you?

Delinquent 3: What's up with that custom, are you from a Halloween party?

Delinquent 1: If you bother us, you will regret!

The delinquents attacked Alexander with their knives but he managed the fight with fists and hit them leaving nearly unconscious.

Alexander: Weaks!

Then he approached to Asuka.

Asuka: (Little relieved) Thanks… for saving me.

Alexander: Are you okay, Helena?

Asuka: (Confused) Eh?

Suddenly a cop patrol arrived to the alley.

Police officer: What's going on here?

Alexander: Damn! (Grabbing Asuka's hand) Let's get out of here, Helena!

Asuka: Wait!

The police officers arrested the delinquents but Alexander and Asuka have gone.

Asuka was atoned while she was being taking by hands by Alexander.

Asuka: (Thinking) "My dream… a Knight"

After that, Alexander and Asuka arrived to a park.

Asuka: Wait, don't run anymore.

Alexander: I'm glad you are safe, Helena.

Asuka: Excuse me, but my name is not Helena!

Alexander: What's the matter, Helena? Don't you remember me?

Asuka: (Worried) Stop calling me with that name!

Alexander: (Grabbing her shoulders) Helena! What's the matter? It's me, Alexander!

Asuka: (Separated from him) Enough! Stop with this non-sense chat!

Alexander: Helena?

Asuka: Listen, thanks for saving me, but you don't have to go so far with your actuations.

Alexander: What do you mean with actuations?

Asuka: Tell me who are you, one of the boys from school getting interested in me?

Alexander: No, I am…

Asuka: And why are you in a knight custom, Nao told you about my past dream?

Alexander: Don't you remember about our fights in the kingdom, the mythical creatures and the dark knights?

Asuka: I don't know what are you talking about, and I do not know you! I'm leaving!

Alexander: Wait! (Taking out something) Look! You gave this to me! Remember?

He shows the blue jewel that Helena gave him. Suddenly something happened in Asuka's mind. She imagined so fast about Alexander and Helena in the past, smiling together in their childhood, then fighting together and talking in the kingdom. Asuka had a little headache about those flashbacks.

Alexander: Helena?

Asuka: Stop, stop, stop! What was that? I'm getting confused!

Alexander: It's okay, all you have to do is to remember.

Asuka: No! Get away from me!

Then she took her bag and run away very scared.

Alexander: Helena!

Later, Asuka arrived to her home. She was exhausted.

Asuka's mom: Asuka, you arrived late.

Asuka's dad: Why did you get late? Something happened?

Asuka: (Trying to simulate) Sorry for worrying you. I'm little tired.

Asuka's mom: Asuka, do you feel okay?

Asuka: Yeah, I'm going to sleep.

Then Asuka was taking off her school uniform while feeling worried.

Asuka: (In underwear) What were those flashbacks? It's like they were real. But I don't remember anything about that past? (Putting on her pajamas) Who was that knight boy and why he appeared in those flashbacks?

Meanwhile, Alexander was on a bench very worried.

Alexander: Why? Why Helena doesn't remember about us?

At next day, Asuka got up and realized something.

Asuka: What a bad day was yesterday. I hope this day is better.

Asuka's mom: Asuka, do you feel better?

Asuka: (In her school uniform) Yeah, all I needed is resting.

Asuka's mom: Okay, your father and I will get home a little late, so have your dinner.

Asuka: Okay, mom.

Then Asuka was walking, but then she meet Nao in the way.

Nao: Asuka.

Asuka: Good morning, Nao.

Nao: (Worried) Are you okay, I heard you were attacked by delinquents.

Asuka: I'm fine, don't worry.

Nao: Well, after that, more security was stablished in the city. By the way, someone saved from yesterday? It's heard a boy in a custom like a knight.

Asuka: (Little nervous) Eh? What do you mean?

Nao: People saw a boy with a knight custom running away with a school girl? That wasn't you?

Asuka: Maybe, but I don't know who was that boy.

Nao: You should be happy; your dream came true after all.

Asuka: It was just coincidence! Besides a real knight doesn't exist!

Then they realized Alexander was in their way.

Alexander: Helena, there you are.

Asuka: (Funny worried) No way!

Nao: Oh! A knight! Maybe he's the knight that people were talking about yesterday.

Alexander: Please, listen to me.

Asuka: You!

Nao: Wow! You have a real custom of a knight (Taking his cape) Look Asuka, this armor and the design. Looks like an authentic armor. What's your name?

Alexander: Well, I'm Alexander.

Nao: How old are you?

Alexander: I'm sixteen.

Nao: Oh cool, same age like Asuka and me! Also your name is like medieval ones. Are you foreigner?

Alexander: Sorry but, I need to talk with her.

Asuka: (Funny nervous and took Nao's hand) Okay, okay, it's nice your actuation but we need to go to school. So see you never!

Asuka and Nao went to school leaving Alexander alone. They arrived before class is being started.

Asuka: (Thinking a little) I can't believe that boy followed me.

Nao: Asuka, it seems that knight knows you.

Asuka: No, I don't know him.

Nao: But you seem you get interested in him, right?

Asuka: (Little blushed) What? No way, I don't like him!

Teacher: Okay everyone, lets begin with the class!

Outside of school, there was a strange creature like a giant lizard what was crawling in the school.

Later at break time, Asuka received other boys' confessions but she rejected them again.

Nao: Asuka, you still rejecting boys, even from the other classes.

Asuka: I'm really getting tired for this.

Nao: Maybe you prefer the boy with the knight custom.

Asuka: That's ridiculous, I'll go taking a little fresh air.

Asuka was outside of school while feeling uncomfortable.

Asuka: The situation about that past dream, it's getting me strange too. And that boy and those flashbacks I had. That didn't make sense.

Suddenly the giant lizard appeared behind her. She realized that.

Asuka: (Little scared) What is that?

The giant lizard took his tongue and attacked Asuka who dodged it in time. But its tongue teared a part of her school uniform. The lizard attacked her again making her fell to the ground.

Asuka: (Scared) It can't be! This must be a dream. Wake up, wake up!

The lizard was attempting to attack her but suddenly it was hit with a stone calling its attention.

Alexander: (After throwing the stone) Hey, ugly monster, right here!

Asuka: (Realizing his presence) Alexander?

The lizard attacked Alexander but he jump high to get closer to Asuka who was atoned to see that.

Alexander: Are you okay?

Asuka: How did you do that?

Alexander: Don't be scare, I'm here to save you.

Suddenly in Asuka's body a strange energy came out to Alexander. Suddenly Alexander felt that then appeared his sword and shield.

Alexander: I remember now! A part of magic returned to me! (Wearing his helmet) Then, let's begin!

Asuka: (Very surprised) What is this? Are you really a knight from past?

Alexander: Don't worry. This will end quickly.

Alexander attacked the lizard. Asuka was surprised to see that. Then Alexander prepared something.

Alexander: Take this! Burning sword!

He used his sword which was covered by flames and attacked the lizard burning it until be ashes.

Then his sword and shield disappeared like magic. He took out his helmet and saw Asuka who can't say anything by the shock.

Alexander: That monster is eliminated, you can relax now.

Asuka: So what you were saying was true. You are a real knight.

Alexander: That's what I was talking about. But I don't know how I appeared in this strange land.

Asuka: (Getting up) Well, I'm so confused.

Then, Alexander was blushed to see Asuka. She was confused by his behavior.

Asuka: What?

Alexander: (Blushed and looking to other side) Well… your clothe.

Asuka: Eh?

Then she realized her shirt was torn and it was seen a little of her cleavage and panties. She blushed and covered it with her hands.

Asuka: (Blushed) Aaaaah! Did you see?

Alexander: Sorry, I saw.

Asuka: (Funny altered) What are you saying? Quit!

Alexander: (Thinking) "I wonder how a mythical creature could get in this time, eh? probably..."

Meanwhile a strange person with cloak covered his head was hidden and saw everything.

Strange person: (Smiling evilly) Hehe! So Alexander is in this time too! This is going to be interesting! Hehehehehe!

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