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Ep 14: The Knight who becomes a legend

The news helicopter was flying near the area where the Millennium Dragon was.

News reporter: The situation is bad, that huge dragon was attacking the town, but what… (She saw Alexander, Cassandra and Asuka, in front of the dragon) This is incredible… (Some people were watching the news) Three teenagers are in front of that monster, what are they doing?

Alexander and Cassandra were facing the Millennium Dragon, but then Asuka woke up and went with them.

Alexander: Asuka!

Cassandra: Are you okay?

Asuka: (To Alexander) Alexander, you are the Dragon Knight, so let's save our world. Together!

Alexander: Together?

Cassandra: What are you talking about? You can't help us!

Asuka: Helena came to my mind and her soul made me remember my past life.

Alexander: Helena?

Asuka: My past-part returned to me and now I know everything.

Cassandra: Really?

The Millennium Dragon launched fireballs to them but Asuka moved her hands and fireballs blasted its attack. Alexander and Cassandra were surprised to see her.

Alexander: Asuka! That technic belongs to Helena!

Cassandra: How did you do that?

Then Asuka moved her hand and then magic covered her body. She was having a magic transformation. It's seen Asuka had Helena's sorceress costume.

Alexander: (Surprised) Asuka!

Asuka: (Seeing her costume and blushed) Ah! This is a sorceress outfit? It's very revealing! (Covering her body with her hands) Helena didn't show me!

Alexander: Hey Asuka!

Asuka: Ah! Alexander! Don't stare at me!

Cassandra: What's the deal? My costume is revealing too.

Alexander: Girls, we still have the dragon problem.

The Millennium Dragon was furious and ready to attack again.

Asuka: Let me try something! (She summoned Helena's magic staff) Wow, great!

Cassandra: Watch out!

Asuka: Flame daggers!

Asuka used magic attack against the dragon but it was little effective.

The news reporter was seeing the scenario while it was seeing emitting by television.

News reporter: This is unbelieve! It seems a boy dressed as a Knight, similar like the one who was seeing by people of these days! And the two girls seemed in dressed as wizards?

Nao: (Watching the news with her father) Asuka? Cassandra-san?

Detective Mizushima: Are those from your school?

Nao: And that guy… Alexander-san? Is he a real knight?

Other people who meet Alexander also was surprised to see him in television, his identity was exposed.

Cassandra: Flame arrow!

Asuka: Flame storm!

Using their staffs, they used their magic attack that made the Millennium Dragon stopped just by seconds.

Alexander: It didn't work! I'll have to attack… (Suddenly feeling pain on his forehead)

Cassandra: Alexander-kun, what about your injuries? You shouldn't push yourself!

Alexander: (Touching his forehead to clean his bleeding) It doesn't matter! We have to defeat that monster!

Asuka: Let's try again!

Alexander: We have to do more than using flame magic!

Asuka: How?

Alexander: You two use your best attack again then I'll pass through it to use my attack.

Asuka: Okay!

Cassandra: Let's do it!

The Millennium Dragon was ready to attack but Asuka and Cassandra used their attacks.

Alexander: Here I go!

Alexander run to attack the dragon.

Alexander: I got you! Burning sword!

But then the dragon moved fast and stop Alexander's sword before he could use his attack with its claw.

Alexander: What?

Then the Millennium Dragon launched him to the ground.

Asuka: (Worried) Alexander!

Alexander: (Being squashed by its claw) Ah! My ribs!

Cassandra: (Using her attack) Let him go!

But her attack didn't have effect. Alexander used his sword to break free from the dragon. But then the dragon attacked him with its tail.

Asuka: Alexander!

Cassandra: Watch out!

The Millennium Dragon went to attack them with its claw. But suddenly Alexander was in front of them, using his back to receive that claw that stabbed him. Asuka and Cassandra were in shock to see him in that situation. Alexander fell to the ground very injured, his armor was too damaged.

Asuka and Cassandra: (In their state) Alexander!

Alexander was weak and bleeding. He couldn't move much.

Cassandra: (In anger) You bastard! How could you to do that to Alexander-kun!

She used her magic attack but the dragon wasn't injured. It used its flame breath against her. Asuka grabbed Cassandra to avoid that attack.

Asuka: Cassandra, don't lose the reason!

Cassandra: What? Aren't you angry to see what happened to Alexander-kun?

Asuka: Yeah, I'm angry but I'm sure Alexander won't die again. I trust him.

Alexander was trying to move but with difficulty.

Alexander: (Coughing little blood) Shit!

Asuka: Hold on! Alexander!

The Millennium Dragon attacked with its flame breath but Asuka and Cassandra used their magic attack to blast it.

Asuka: (Worried) It doesn't work, that monster is so powerful!

Cassandra: I know but if we can't do it, our world will be destroyed!

Asuka: Alexander, please we need you! I need you!


It's seen a kid Alexander in his past home. There were his parents and some villagers.

Alexander's voice: All this time I wanted to follow my father's path. Becoming a brave knight like him. So I could protect everyone and our home.

Suddenly, the Millennium Dragon appeared and blasted everyone including his parents.

Kid Alexander was scared and imagined some flashbacks when his mother and father were murder by the Millennium Dragon in front of his eyes.

Alexander's voice: The ones that I should have protect, I lost them. But…

/End of flashback/

In his mind, there were lashbacks about him with his parents, meeting kid Helena and his fights in the Academy.

Alexander's voice: I won't fail to protect the people of this timeline.

His memories about his arriving to Japan, meeting Asuka and the other people.

Alexander's voice: I can't die again! I promised Asuka to protect her world; it's my duty as the Dragon Knight!

At that moment, his parents' souls appeared in front of him.

Percival: Alexander, you can't leave your friends yet. You must save that world.

Lorelei: You can do it, my son.

Their souls disappeared and then Helena's soul appeared too.

Alexander: Helena?

Helena: Alexander, you said you will become a great Knight! This is your only chance or our deaths will be in vain. (She embraced him) You can do it!

Asuka: (Yelling) Alexander!

Suddenly a portion of magic came from her body and went to Alexander, healing him.

Alexander: (Waking up) Helena, I won't fail my duty!

Helena's voice: Go! Dragon Knight Alexander!

Alexander: I… I… I… I'LL SAVE THIS WORLD!

Then, his pendent shined, his sword too and his body was covered by magic.

Alexander: This is…

His armor was being repairing, changing its form and becoming a dragon-style armor. His sword and shield changed into new ones. His head was wore by a new helmet. He had a new dragon-shaped armor.

Asuka: (Surprised) Alexander!

News reporter: What's happening? That kid turned into a different knight! And now he with those two magic girls are going to face that monster!

The people who were watching the fight by television were surprised to see Alexander's change.

Cassandra: Alexander-kun?

Alexander: I will save this world! Asuka, Cassandra, let's protect this city, together!

Asuka: Yes!

Cassandra: I'm agreed!

Alexander: Then, let's do it!

The Millennium Dragon was angry and ready to attack. Alexander, Asuka and Cassandra were ready to fight.

Alexander, Asuka and Cassandra: Go!

The dragon attack with its claws but they dodged. Asuka and Cassandra used their magic attack.

Asuka: Flame storm!

Cassandra: Flame arrow!

The Millennium Dragon receive few damage, and used its tail to attack them but Asuka and Cassandra keep using their attacks to gain its attention.

Alexander holds his sword and prepared to attack.

Alexander: My sword emits a great power, mana from the Millennium Dragon. (To the dragon) This time, I'll defeat you once and for all!

Asuka and Cassandra: Now, Alexander!

Alexander run fast, jumped and was over the Millennium Dragon. It reacted and threw powerful flame breath to him. But he resisted that attack using his sword and headed to its head.

Alexander: I'M THE DRAGON KNIGHT! (Using his sword) FINAL BURNING SWORD!

He used a powerful version of his attack. His attack parted the Millennium Dragon to the half from upward to downward.

The Millennium Dragon was screaming in pain and burnt into ashes. The Millennium Dragon was finally defeated.

The people in the town were surprised to see Alexander defeated the Millennium Dragon.

In the air, Alexander was exhausted after using a powerful attack.

Alexander: Father, Mother, Helena… I did it!

Then he close his eyes, his armor turned back to the cracked one, also his injuries opened. He fall until crash to the ground.

Asuka and Cassandra realized that and run to him.

Asuka: Alexander!

Alexander was injured again but smiling a little. Asuka arrived to him.

Asuka: (Worried) Alexander!

Alexander: Helena, no, Asuka, I did it! I protected your home. (Smiling) He! But I guess I ended in a mess as you can see.

Asuka: (Smiling with tears in her eyes) Idiot.

Cassandra: Are you okey? Alexander-kun.

Alexander: My body is hurt. But I guess I'll be fine.

The detective Mizushima with his team arrived to where Alexander was with the girls. Also Nao came.

Nao: Asuka, is that really you?

Asuka: Nao, the true is… it's me but…

The police members pointed their guns to them.

Detective Mizushima: Hold on! Don't shoot! They are not our enemy.

Nao: Dad!

Asuka: (Relief) Mister Mizushima. Thanks!

Detective Mizushima: (To Alexander) Hey kid, you did well.

Alexander: (Smiling a little) He! I told you to not call me kid.

Also the news members arrived.

News reporter: Ladies and gentlemen! This is incredible; these teenagers defeated that huge dragon!

Suddenly the other dragons arrived in front of Alexander and the girls.

News reporter: (Scared) What? The dragons that attacked our city are back!

Detective Mizushima: Men! Prepare the guns!

Cassandra: Wait!

The dragons took attention to Alexander. He stood up and went to them despite being injured.

Asuka: What are you doing, Alexander?

Alexander looked at the dragons seriously, then the dragons prostrated to him. Everybody were surprised to see that.

Asuka: What's going on?

Cassandra: As I expected.

Nao: What do you mean?

Cassandra: The Millennium Dragon was the ultimate specie of the dragons. They considered it as their lord and it ordered them to attack the city. But as Alexander defeated it, it lost its respect. Now the dragons see Alexander as their new lord. He finally becomes the Dragon Knight of the legend.

Nao: The Dragon Knight.

Detective Mizushima: Then what will we do with those dragons?

Cassandra: Don't worry. As the Millennium Dragon is gone. They can't attack if Alexander doesn't order.

Asuka: Then?

Cassandra: Asuka, now Helena's soul returned to you, you must remember some spells of your past family.

Asuka: Yeah, somehow every magic spell is in my mind.

Cassandra: You must now a magic spell that can return to the past.

Asuka: Yeah, but it's too hard, it requires much mana.

Cassandra: I know that spell, we can use it together to create a portal to send the dragons to their island. They will be safe.

Asuka: Okey.

Asuka and Cassandra recited a magic spell then a portal appeared. There was a pacific island. The dragons seemed happy.

Alexander: (To the dragons) Now go, you won't serve an evil creature anymore. You will live a safely life.

The dragons went to the portal returning to the island. The people of the city were surprised to see that.

After that, Asuka and Cassandra were exhausted for using mana.

Asuka: It's over.

Cassandra: Yeah, and it will be over when Alexander and I return to our timeline.

Asuka was worried to hear that.

Alexander: (To the detective) Sorry for involving your town. I'll accept my responsibility.

Nao: Alexander-san! (To her dad) Dad, you won't arrest Alexander-san, right? He saved us!

The detective's team was attempting to arrest Alexander but he stopped them.

Detective Mizushima: You have our thanks for doing all this.

Alexander: I'm glad you accept me despite I came from another world.

Nao: Then, Alexander-san you are free of any guilt.

Detective Mizushima: Also I can't arrest a minor who is dressing a Halloween costume.

Alexander: (Upset) I told you! I'm not a kid!

Cassandra: But you are behaving like one.

Alexander: Enough already!

Everyone were laughing, except Asuka who was worried about what she heard before.

Later, at her house; Asuka was with Nao and her parents. Also her grandma was there.

Nao: Wow! That's what happened to you in your past life!

Asuka: I guess. (To her parents) Mom, Dad, sorry for hiding this from you. I thought you won't believe me.

Mr Hisakawa: In fact we must be sorry for not knowing about the past of our family.

Mrs Hisakawa: I didn't expected my mother hide this from me.

Grandma: You didn't have to know, because her existence could be in danger. We could be dead if Alexander didn't arrive here from the past.

Nao: Some people think he could be a hero. My dad recognized his actions for protecting us from those monsters.

Grandma: That kid, is the knight who you dreamed to marry, Asuka.

Asuka: (Blushed) Grandma!

Grandma: It's because that's your past-self's desire and came to your mind when you born in the present.

Nao: That's explained your child's dream in the kindergarten.

Asuka: (Feeling embarrased) Well.

Nao: By the way, where's Alexander-san, I didn't see him after the incident.

Asuka was worried and sad when she heard that. The rest noticed her behavior.

Nao: Asuka?

At next day the news were heard by everyone about Alexander's identity and the rest.

Alexander was walking in his normal costume, then Asuka was on his way.

Alexander: Asuka.

Asuka: Then it's over. Will you return to your home in the past?

Alexander: I achieved my duty as a Knight. I can't stay here.

Asuka: You will leave with Cassandra, right?

Alexander: Yes but it will be soon. The magic spell to travel time requires a lot of mana. Cassandra is very exhausted to do more spells for some days.

Asuka: Then, you just plan to leave.

Alexander: What?

Asuka: (Upset) You are just someone who only put your duties instead of the ones who are close to you!

Alexander: But why are you upset?

Asuka: I… I liked the time we passed together. When I meet you… (Some flashbacks about their meeting and good and bad moments) It's sad that you leave me.

Alexander: Well, I was happy when I see you, as if Helena resurrected. But it doesn't matter who was you, Helena or Asuka. I was really happy to meet you.

Asuka: Why do you leave?

Alexander: My identity is exposed, maybe you can save your life but for me, it's too late. People could be scared to see me in your city. That's why I can't stay here. Sorry, Asuka but I think this is the good-bye.

Asuka was sad to hear that. Alexander was attempting to leave.

Alexander: Good-bye, Asuka. I enjoyed being with you in this time.

Suddenly, Asuka run to stop him. Putting her head on his chest.

Alexander: Asuka…

Alexander felt something on his lips. She directly kissed him without any word, with few tears on her eyes. Then Alexander was confused about that. He remembered his first kiss with Helena in their childhood.

Asuka: You are the only boy who I kiss.

Alexander: Asuka.

Asuka: These are my feelings, and it depends on you how to answer. Good-bye, Alexander.

She quickly leaves running with tears on her eyes.

Alexander: Asuka.

Alexander had flashbacks about his time with Asuka in good and bad moments.

Somedays had passed after the incident of the Millennium Dragon. The town was being repairing and people returning in their regular lives.

At school, the male students were acting normal while admiring Asuka as usual, even knowing she was a sorceress. Asuka was talking with Nao.

Asuka: Sorry for not telling you about everything, Nao.

Nao: It's okay. But I am surprised. I didn't know you had a past life there. And now you recovered some of your powers.

Asuka: Yeah, but I won't need them for now. (Looking at her classroom) Cassandra didn't come today.

Nao: Yeah, Cassandra-san came from the same place like Alexander-san, right? She must feel the same like him.

Asuka: You're right.

Nao: But now you're getting more attention by all the boys. You're the only Golden Idol in school. The other schools are jealous because of you.

Asuka: I didn't want this.

Nao: Alexander-san resulted being a true Knight from the past. Your dream about being with a Knight became true after all.

Asuka: (Smiling little sad) Yeah.

At other days, in the cafeteria, Mr. Mitsuba and the waitresses were working but feeling sad by Alexander's absence.

Waitress 1: Alexander-san, I wish I said goodbye to him.

Waitress 2: It's unfair he left.

Mr. Mitsuba: Okey, there's nothing we can do. It's Alexander's decision to stay or leave. It's hard for him after everything happened about those monsters.

Then a blond boy in school uniform entered to the cafeteria.

Boy: Can I ask something?

Mr. Mitsuba: Yeah (Then he was surprised along with the waitresses, they were happy)

Boy: How is Speedy, the motorbike?

At the other side, Asuka and Nao were heading to the school. They arrived at the school entrance.

Asuka: It has passed many days since Alexander is gone.

Nao: Don't worry Asuka. I bet Alexander is thinking about you, no matter where he is.

Asuka: Thanks Nao.

But then they stopped. They saw a student in front of their way. Asuka was amazed to recognize him. It was Alexander.

Alexander: Hi, Asuka!

Then Asuka run and embraced him with happiness.

Asuka: (Nearly crying) Alexander, idiot! I thought you returned to your time!

Alexander: Well, I couldn't in that time.

At that moment, Cassandra, in school uniform, appeared in front of them, scaring them.

Cassandra: It's because you decided just when she cried in front of you.

Asuka: Cassandra?

Alexander: I thought you returned to our timeline!

Cassandra: Yeah, sure.


Alexander and Cassandra, in their magic costume, where in a peaceful place. She was using the magic spell to return to the past, creating a portal.

Cassandra: I did it! The portal to past is opened. Let's go back, Alexander-kun!

Alexander: Wait, Cassandra!

Cassandra: What? Look! The portal is opened and I couldn't make it again in a long time. This is our only chance to return!

Alexander: I decided!

Cassandra: Decided what?

Alexander: I won't return to our homeland.

Cassandra: What are you talking about? Our acquaintances are waiting for us in our place.

Alexander: No! This is my new place, is where I belong. (Imagining Asuka smiling) Sorry, but I can't go with you. I hope you forgive me to leave.

Alexander leaves Cassandra while the portal was disappearing.

Cassandra: Damn it! Then I…

The portal disappeared, also Cassandra. Alexander was heading back to the town.

/End of flashback/

Alexander: Then you…

Cassandra: I decided to stay here too.

Asuka: Then you two will stay here?

Nao: I'm glad! So we can see each other like before!

Asuka: Really?

Then some students were at there. Alexander was worried about the reaction of the students. Asuka and Cassandra were worried too.

Alexander: I'll have to take the responsibility of my actions.

Then the students applause him very happy.

Student 1: Alexander, thanks!

Student 2: You are a hero!

Student 3: You saved us!

Alexander was glad to hear their answers.

Asuka: Now you see? Everybody aren't scared of you. You can live here without any worries.

Alexander: Yeah, besides with me here, they could exist in this time.

Asuka: They? You mean they?

Alexander and Asuka were looking at the sky, an image of William and Misaki, their future children.

They noticed they were embarrassed embraced, they blushed little happy.

Alexander and Asuka: (In their state) Well… surely

Cassandra: Don't think you can have Alexander-kun for yourself, just because you kissed him!

The students were in funny shock to hear that. Asuka and Alexander blushed too.

Nao: (Surprised) Asuka! You did it! That's like a love declaration!

Asuka: What? No! I did that because…

Cassandra: I didn't give up about losing you! (Embracing Alexander) Because I still love him.

Alexander: (Blushed) Wait! Cassandra! Everyone is looking to us!

Cassandra: Besides, I kissed him before you did!

Everyone were in funny shock again to hear that.

Asuka: What? Alexander!

Alexander: (Moving back) No! Asuka, don't misunderstand!

Cassandra: Ha! I advanced before you did!

Asuka: Whatever! Just don't be so close to him!

Asuka walked and tried to take Alexander by holding his arm.

Cassandra: (Grabbing his other arm) No! Let him go!

They were pulling him until his face buried in Asuka's breasts. She was blushed like Alexander.

Alexander: (Moving back) Sorry! I didn't want that!

Cassandra: It's not fair! (Grabbing his head and burying his face on her breasts) I'm more interesting than her!

Alexander: (Blushing) Hey!

Asuka: Quit that! Everyone is looking at us!

Cassandra: I'm the one who Alexander should be with.

Asuka and Cassandra were discussing for Alexander. The male students were funny crying about that situation.

Student 1: Alexander can be our hero but he's a womanizer!

Student 2: Our Golden Idols are in love with him!

Student 3: We lose by his fame!

Alexander: Hey you two, calm down.

Nao: Now this battlefield still going on.

Asuka: But I'm happy you can live with us, Alexander.

Cassandra: Me too.

Alexander: I could get used to this place, with all of you.

Asuka and Cassandra smiled at him. He smiled too.

Alexander: Yeah. (Looking at the sky) Father, Mother. I am the Knight who becomes a legend.

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