There's a little story that people around here like to tell. It's the story of a young girl named Aria, or at least that's what they call her. The truth is that nobody really knows what her name is.

Old folk legends say that this girl lived in the old abandoned house near the edge of town. Not the one that looks like a barn, but the one that looks like it once housed a moderately wealthy family. Its Victorian architecture and regal looking pillars set it apart from the other houses in this tiny little town. Rumor has it that her family was once one the most prosperous in the area. They made one heck of a living selling some of the finest fabric around. People would flock from places I'd never heard of just to get a piece of their fabric. These visitors would always describe the place as being large and fancy. One room looked like it would have been enough for a family of two to live in.

But there was something off about the house that every visitor mentioned. You can probably figure out where I'm going with this. They were all mystified by little Aria. They say she spoke in a soft voice and behaved politely enough for a girl her age. It was the look in her eyes that people always talked about. Looking into them was said to be like looking into the depths of an ocean at night. You would feel as if you were suddenly trapped in a pool of darkness that couldn't be escaped.

You know what's even stranger? Everybody who left said that they could see her looking out the window with a sad look on her face. Poor girl probably didn't have too many friends. There were people who either didn't like her for her wealth or tried to take advantage of it. Stuff like that is unfortunately pretty common when you live like that family did.

So what happened to this successful family? This is where things start to take a turn for the worst. Little Aria disappeared one day. The family went crazy and did everything they could to find her. Posters, police, everything a person could do to find their kid. These people did everything they could to find their little girl, and you know what came from all of that? Nothing. Little Aria continued to be lost and hasn't been found since.

Fast-forward a good hundred or so years later and strange rumors start to spread. A farmer by the name of Tom said that he walked by the old place out of curiosity. He said that he heard a voice singing a sad sounding melody. It was a pretty voice too. According to Tom, whoever was singing sounded like no one else. Determined to find whom this voice belonged to, old Tom walked through the tall grass that now surrounds the old house. After a couple of trudging through the grass, Tom found what he was looking for.

A little girl stood in the middle of the grass looking into the sky. She sang her song without stopping, as if Tom or anything else didn't exist. Not knowing what to do, Tom waited for her to stop singing. But she never did. Her song continued to go on forever. Feeling as if he'd waited long enough, Tom reached out to gently touch her shoulder. To his surprise, Aria stopped talking and looked straight into his eyes. He apparently felt himself become trapped by them. All the emotions he had, positive or negative, were quickly trapped inside the void of darkness.

It's said that Tom never was the same after that. He would stare blankly out the window, expressionless and motionless. He died a week later, but not before writing down his experience. At least that's the rumor. You would think that this story would get passed to spook people and all, but the truth is that it still goes on. People say you can her Aria singing late at night, her head always looking into the sky. Why she's apparently so upset or singing all the time is something people have been wondering for a long time. Some have said that the answers can be found inside the house, but nobody dares to go inside. I don't blame them either. Would you want to go inside that place knowing Aria could appear at any minute? I sure wouldn't. I prefer to live the safe life.

Now I know you're waiting for me to stop talking so you can get a move on. I can see your eyes shifting from impatience. Just let me get one more thing in before you leave. If you ever go near that place and hear Aria singing, run. Don't go trying to play detective. Everyone who were said to hear the song all ended up like Tom. You may think that it's a mystery that needs to be solved, but some mysteries are best left as mysteries.

Sorry for wasting your time. Enjoy your visit and remember my advice.