what i want.

you know what i want?
i want to stop pain
i want no one to hurt
i want people to stop questioning their worth

i want unending joy
i want the killings to stop
i want insults to disappear
i want what any person would want

i want no fucking homicides
i want natural deaths
i want people to wake up
i want everyone to cease and desist

i want the fucking peace i've heard
and longed for for years
i want the blood to stop dripping
i want the same for tears

i want children to grow
i want adults to grow up
i want awareness for the world
i want pollution to stop

i want legal reasons for actions
i want everyone to literally live and let live
i want no fucking torture
i want people to take and to give

i want uncaged souls
i want greed to screech and stop
i want fed nations
i want people to wake the fuck up

do you know now?
do you know what i want?
it's a lot more impossibles
it's a whole fucking lot

24/4/2013. Written by Waad.