I am proud to be of the Alien Elite

Still, my fealty is even more discreet

There are eighteen keys, a trapezoid, and seven towers

Beyond, are nine Laws, four dimensions, and nine Gates of power

Seeking no approbation, I do not proselytize

To the dismay of most We cannot be compartmentalized

The Ark and the Grail are decoys in history

Better luck with alchemy or the Anunnaki

Masonry, Bohemian Grove, and Bilderberg Group

All a mess of conspiracy theory soup!

Wicca and the O.T.O. only build a juvenile transcrript

You might as well study the Voynich manuscript

Sip the excess that radiates from those who are near

After all, it would only dissipate in the atmosphere

Every night think of flying and then dwell upon that feeling

And you may find yourself spinning above the ceiling!

Gather, hunt, and try on different flesh

Forget your archaic concept of the word "selfish"

Epiphany lies behind your eyes if you would only check

It is there you will find the "Great Architect"

A winged skull, an ouroborus, and meditation may set you on the one valid path

Beware, this conundrum cannot be solved by a physicist's mere math

Just stay here and now, and you will soon see

The Dragon lurking within non-locality

No time, no space, such a joy to be free

As you evolve toward Immortality!

We will be watching, and this is not meant in jest

To be sure, your life is an intelligence test

Faith is a "gift" granted to the lot of fools

Do not "believe", lest you become one of Our mules

Slow down and plan ahead - two ideas which make a practical pair

And above all, please, discriminate with care!