Fatal Beauty Two

Chapter One

After being saved the first time around by the voodoo doctor to save Denise Richardson's life months ago. She never expected that the same type of signs would be back again in a new person in New York City.

Denise never expected to know this information until recently. For when she had to fly out for a promotion on one of her skin care products Fatal Beauty.

Months ago after changing the ingredients of the product. She needed to do this in order to steer clear of the negative reports on the Fatal Beauty product. It costed her company a great deal of money to make the change.

Even herself was the main guinea pig once again to use the product, this time without any type of side effects. But when she heard though the news reports about a client name Judith Morrison had tried the products. However as it turned out. Judith started to experience the same type of side effects that Richardson had gone through with the killings.

When she was watching the news reports from her lap top while having just checked into her hotel room. She had reservations for the Trump Towers in New York City on level eight of the hotel.

After she was able to change her clothes after checking in. It was afterwards for when she was able to find out about the murder at the Museum Of Nature History. And for where Judith Morrison works as a computer expert inside of the museum.

Judith Morrison has been working for the museum during the last ten years. She wanted to at least try to improve her features at the age 45 wishing to use some new beauty products from the Denise Richardson's Fatal Beauty line.

When she was able to order the products from the website on the internet. She was able to pay for the entire shipment line of products via her credit card. And for which the company online offered free shipping for the first time trying the products.

And once she started to use the products. She had no idea she was going to turn into some type of horrible creature from hell. She won't be able to realize what was happening to her until she meets up with Denise Richardson to tell her the complete truth.

End of Chapter One