Chapter 35 Fatal Beauty Two

Juliet was able to take Denise to the doctor's lounge. As it turned out none of the doctors that uses the lounge was around this evening.

Making it lucky for Denise to rest without anyone bothering her. While she waited for the Voodoo expert to arrive from the Amish country.

Dr. Adams having to be an expert for the last 30 years. His business is mostly word of mouth from all of the clients he has dealt with over the years.

And with this client after reading the report from her friend Denise Richardson. Dr. Adams was pushing his vehicle to the limits having to be late at night.

He didn't want to take any chances with getting himself into an accident. He's been lucky to see any type of state troopers on the main highway.

And in ten minutes he's going to be turning onto the main road that will lead him to the hospital for where his patient is located.

Denise had told him to call her for when he was getting close to the hospital no matter how late it's going to be.

However for Denise. She wasn't able to fall asleep when she had gotten a call on her cell-phone. She had left it on the coffee table next to the lounge chair she was currently laying down on.

She had the feeling the call is from Dr. Adams the same person that is supposed to help her out with her friend.

She goes to answer the phone since the caller I.D. showed it was Dr. Adams. "Hello! How can I help you Dr. Adams?"

"Just calling to let you know I will be at the hospital with-in the next 30 minutes. Where will I be able to find you, Denise?"

When you enter in the front with the security guard to check your I.D. Tell him you need to take the elevator to the sixth floor for where I am located at section four doctor's lounge."

"Thanks Denise for the information. I will be seeing you soon." Dr. Adams says over the cell-phone while passing by a rail-road station.