Luke: Luke is a normal boy- well, if normal is having an easily- pissed- off friend, being orphaned with a seemingly dead brother and no mother (not anymore, that is- hence orphan-), and having cat ears and wings. For Luke is a Tsukiko, one species of ancient magic races with mystical powers that not even he knows about.

Gray: Gray was perfect, accepted- until his mother, Sasha, figured out about his powers and threw him out, away forever from his brother Luke. Years later, he goes to seek out his brother and brings back one extra, unexpected companion that could change everything.

Arslan: Arslan, a bubbly and powerful Tsukiko, was scrutinized as a young child until she met Briar, her best friend, and then Gray, their companion, who goes out to find his family after his mother dies. When he brings back an attractive man he claims is his brother, can Arslan convince Luke that he needs to embrace who he is?

Mika: Mikayla, or Mika, thought she was fairly ordinary- fiery, yes, but ordinary- until she figured out that she was a Diabolus, another breed of ancient magic, and that her best friend, Luke, was a Tsukiko. She is plunged into a world of love and betrayal, where she must figure out her friends- and her enemies- by herself. Uncertain of her emotions, she handles the situation... as she sees fit.

Briar: Briar, best friend of Arslan, lived in a situation of fear, terror, and destruction, watching her family slaughtered all around her by people who did not accept her. Finally, she found sanctuary in Arslan and Gray, who she felt extremely attached to, when Gray left on a year-long journey to find his brother, and rolled everything around all over again.

Five friends. Five minds. One betrayal.