"Well, what about this one?" The saleswoman asks, selecting another charm from the rack and slipping it onto the necklace. "It says 'be beautiful on the inside, not just the outside.'" She casts a disapproving gaze at the necklace around my neck. "It'd be better than that cheap compass necklace you're wearing."

I refrain from rolling my eyes. It's the same thing everyday; she sees me come in, wearing the compass necklace, and tries way to hard to try to sell me one of HER necklaces and charms. "It's better than that cheap piece of costume jewelry anyway," she continues. She fingers my necklace and asks if it's part of a steampunk cosplay.

I politely tell her no, that I'm not into steampunk. She never even bothers to ask why I wear the necklace at all. If she ever did, I'd tell her:

"I wear this necklace because it was bought for fifteen dollars at a fandom convention I went to with my girlfriend. Because we spent time talking to the vendor. Because the vendor thought we were sisters. Because once we said we weren't sisters, but girlfriends, the vendor smiled and said she should have known because we both had the light of love in our eyes. Because the vendor said we had beautiful smiles. Because it reminds me of my girlfriend and that weekend we spent together."

My hand goes to my necklace and I realize I have been thinking out loud. "I wear this necklace everyday because it reminds me of how lucky I was to have her in my life." I slowly meet her gaze. "My girlfriend died in a car accident three months ago. This 'cheap piece of costume jewelry' is what keeps me going."

She stares at me, mouth agape. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"Maybe you should get to know your customers better before you try a hard sell."