I remember Christmas. Lights and glittering candles illuminating the tree. I remember singing and carols, Beautiful Savior, King of Creation, Son of God and son of Man.

I remember presents and laughter, getting together with cousins to play a silly game of 7/11. Roll the dice and try your luck. You may get lucky and receive a gift, or you may get nothing.

Wrapping paper flying everywhere, ribbons and bows slung around necks and heads.

We were showoffs. We were young and innocent.

Rice pudding, with a hidden treat stashed inside and one gift each from Grandma, for each grandkid.

For me, a beautiful watch and a gorgeous footprint journal with the Footsteps story carved on the front. For my cousin, a beautiful red dress and bow.

I remember the tree. I remember you. How we used to hold hands, laughing and playing, hiding underneath the tree when it was time to go home.

We never wanted to leave.