Here we are

The cliff of insanity

I've been there, you know.

Been down, down,


It's not half bad down there, you know

Everybody's happy, at least

That is, if you know where to look

Come with me?

Here we are, the bottom-

No, not that way, child.

That way leads to pain.

That's where the sad people go.

Come with me

The the happy place

We're all happy here.

Come with me?

See? They welcome us

They know what we want.


And so many other, nameless things.

Come with me?

They'll help you now.

Oh no


We went the wrong way

This is where the people from the asylum go

If they really are crazy.

Here's the field of Bubbles,

Where everyone lives in their own little world.

I like to go there sometimes, but it's too far up the cliff.

You didn't notice? Here is a little rise.

We're a bit closer to the top here. We need to go down gain.

Come with me?

Down, down, down.

To the right place

Turn off this lane- you don't want to be on this lane.

Up this small hill, that climbs higher and higher

Here is where we make our home

Right near the tip of the cliff

Yes, there's still thousands of miles to the top,

But we were only on the first level down there.

There's a few, deeper levels I've never gone to.

Come with me?

Except for the last part, this is literally me.

I should make a story out of this. I was going to put it in my collection of poems, but it was too different.