When you keep getting messages from your friend about how they keep getting hurt somehow or another while they are out traveling; it can make a person a bit paranoid. And so, when I received yet another message about a fall of some kind or another, with no real details, it sparked a story that just had to be written.

Names have been changed to protect the writer. (Because I am pretty sure that I am going to get an earful for writing this.)

Actually, don't worry, I am sure they will be just fine about this story. At least I hope so.

Yeah, leaving the country once this is posted.

FYI, this whole story is just one side of a phone conversation. Each new paragraph is still the same person talking. I styled this after a prompt that said to write a story using only dialogue. So here is my attempt.

Accident Prone

"Hi Becca, I just wanted to call you to let you know that I won't be able to go hiking with you next week.

What? Oh, I have been told that I should just rest for the next few weeks or so.

No, I'm fine. I was told that it wasn't good for someone in my condition to go tromping through hilly trails for a while. I mean—


Who told me? My doctor did.


Oh, well my doctor said that a concussion is nothing that should be—

Calm down, he said it was just a mild concussion. Nothing to be worried about, the symptoms will disappear before I know it. Hold on, I need to put down the phone for a second.

Hi again. Sorry about that, I just needed to sign some papers and I only have one hand available at the moment.

Yes, I know it only takes one hand to operate a phone, but the other one is kind of not working at its best right now. It is kind of awkward to sign your name while wearing a finger splint.

Yes, you heard that right.

It was only a minor break. I will be able to take the splint off in a few weeks. No big deal. It will make it kind of difficult to use my crutches though.

All right, you need to tone it down. The nurse says that she can hear you over the phone. I just sprained my ankle. Which is actually a better reason not to go hiking, come to think of it.

No, there is nothing else that I need to tell you about.

No, I am not about to drop dead from internal injuries. Just calm down. Talking to you makes a person think that they are accident prone or something.


Yes, I remember our last hiking trip. And that was not my fault.

Oh, hey, I posted some of the pictures from before I got picked up by the ambulance today. You should check out my-

Whoa, hold on there. The ambulance wasn't really necessary but the police said that I should go anyway.

Yes, the police.

No, I am not under arrest.

How about this? I tell you the whole story later when you come to pick me up from the hospital?

Come on, I need a ride.

Refusing to pick me up because I told you about my injuries in bits and pieces is not fair and you know it.

Yes, I will be ready when you get here. I may need you to help me get in the car though. I have never been a graceful one with crutches.

Yes, I do remember the time I played with your crutches. And you can stop laughing now.

Seriously, stop laughing.

Thank you, just stop by the main entrance and I will be there waiting for you.

Oh, and Becca, thanks for coming to get me."

Thoughts? Opinions?