Prologue: Ten Hours Earlier

Kitee, North Karelia, Finland

The Rogue knelt down in front of its mistress. It had done something very, very bad and it knew it. It was supposed to kill the wolf, not just hurt it. He really wasn't sure if he had killed the other wolf, but the doubting in itself was crime enough. It was a big reason why he had avoided coming back here all this time.

The mistress tapped a finger on the golden chair she was sitting on, glaring down at him. "I just don't know what to say to you. A dog who will not listen is no good to me."

The Rogue winced, wishing he could speak. His mistress had put a spell on him that would not allow him to take his human form. There was time were he would not have minded this, but now that the tides had changed, things were a bit different.

"I gave you a simple order and you did not come through for me," she went on. "I need all of my dogs loyal to me. You were supposed to break them up and you failed me! They are getting so close to finding us! When they come you will be the first thing I throw at them!"
The Rogue winced as she hit him across his muzzle. It was actually hard enough that he tasted blood; he had never been hit had enough in wolf form for this to happen. He just looked up at her. She had also failed the mission. She had let Aku get away more than once.

The mistress got her feet, smiling sweetly down at her snakes. "When you want job right, I guess you have to send out your best soldiers."

The snakes all hissed.

The Rogue shivered. Their songs always did sent chills down his spine.

His mistress turned back to him. "Come! You may get a chance to redeem yourself."

Like the good dog he was, the Rogue slowly crept along behind his mistress.