Amaranthe: Boomerang

Amberian Dawn: Arctica

Amorphis: Silent Waters

Apocalyptica: Cold Blood

Battle Beast: Familiar Hell

BrunuhVille - Our Hero (feat. Sham)

Burning Fire: Queen of Fire

C21 FX: Blood Red Roses

Charon: Colder

Charon: House of the Silent

Charon: Ride on Tears

Dark Sarah: Hunting the Dreamer

Delain: Babylon

Delain: The Glory and the Scum

Diemonds: Secret

Eden's Curse: Sell Your Soul

Epica: Fight Your Demons

Epica: Solitary Ground

Epica: Universal Death Squad

Firewind: Ode To Leonidas

Globus - Orchard Of Mines

Goran Dragas and Phillipa Michael: Can't Stop the Gods

Gus G. (feat. Elize Ryd): What Lies Below

Hammerfall: Hearts On Fire

Ignea: Alga

Infected Rain: Me Against You

Kalidia: Liar's Device

Kamelot: The Human Stain

Kerion: Ghost Society

Kobra and the Lotus: 50 Shades of Evil

Lacuna Coil: Delirium

Nemesea: Dance in the Fire

Nightwish: Come Cover Me

Poisonblack: Rush

Sentenced: No One There

Sonata Arctica: Closer To An Animal

Stream of Passion: A War of Our Own

Tarja: An Empty Dream

Theatre of Tragedy: Cassandra

Thomas Bergersen featuring Merethe Soltvedt: Children of the Sun

Visionatica: She Wolf

Wildpath: Buried Moon

Xandira: Death to the Holy

Xandria: Call of Destiny

Xandria: Stardust

Xandria: We Are Murderers