Our civilization is on the brink of ending. We have always encouraged our people to be different, but have reminded them that they must fit into our society.

Our society has functioned since the end of the Last War. We are the survivors, the last remaining hope for the human race. Once we are gone, there will be no one to come along and see our great world.

We must preserve the way we live. There are dangerous people out there who want to end our current way of life. They brought these awful people to our islands and though that they stood a chance against us. We took out the threat and provided that we are just as strong as ever.

Many good people died on that awful day. Some of your very finest were lost on that dreadful day. Our resources also took a great hit.

Do not fear! We still stand strong and we will forever be strong. We are the last hope for mankind and we must remember that! We must stand up and fight another day!

Those awful will keep coming for us. We must stand together as one. We must come together in these trying times.

Do not lose faith in your government. We still have faith in you that we can stand together and keep our way of life up for a long time. We will overcome this.

We will stand strong and we will stamp out these rebels.