A series

Of the most exciting ride

Climbs and drops, Loops and twists

Giving adventure and hysteria

Strap in

Giddy with violent expectation

Sick with dreadful promise

Will it be as they say?

Gripping, thrilling, plunging possibility

Should we embark?

Board and take the risk?


The Climb is filled with weighty anticipation

Mouth dry, palms damp

Thighs sticking to seat with sweat

Feet are numb and fingers go cold

Heart rate increase with altitude

Click. Thump. click-thump, clickthump

Ceremonial drums beat rapidly against your ribs

Energy expended with the drop abiding

With the sadistic smile awaiting your entrance

Chicken and sheep soup for dinner

Reaching the summit, the culmination of endeavor

Undertaking each trial, emotional, physical, mental

Achieving the highest point ever lived.

Peering through slivers at the impending descent

Nails dig into plastic and regret bursts in mind

Why come this far only to be dropped?

Then the invisible devil emerges

Pushing, suddenly, the naive victims off the precipice


Screaming to the sky

Clinging to the bar


Strained, heavy laughter spewing from your mouth

Hands in the air flying

Bruised body thrown about within guards

Arms dangling next to heads

Eyes teary and bright

Wind scrambled hair

Guts rolling inside out

Stomach cargo tossed about

Teeth white and bare

Falling to pieces at rock bottom

And plateau with relief


It's over

For now.


Is it worth it?


It's different for everyone

I've experienced plateaus and drops

But can't remember the last journey up

The horizon in the distance, a showing of my efforts

The pride of survival

But the fall is shocking, crushing.

So impactfully horrifying

That it has dispelled memory.


The Challenge is to hold

Hold on as long as possible

Each round is harder to endure than the last.

Will you push on against disaster

Or will you get off?

I've outlasted twenty-one rounds

Here's to the next.

AN: I recently passed a milestone (woohoo!), so I decided to write something about it! Hope you all liked it! 8)