Your tone was not complimentary.

I felt weak, scared, disgusted,

Then pissed off.

It was not a situation

That warranted such words.

They were derogatory;

I felt insulted,

Shocked that such filth

Could spill from someone like you.


Your comments are not necessary,

Your opinions completely unwelcome.

The slimy touch of your foul utterances

Cause me to break out in hives,

Simple, commonplace phrases

Oozing with significant, gross innuendo.

I feel naked

Even when clothed from head to toe.

Your poison seeps into my skin

And inflicts my brain with torment;

Your snickering echoes in my mind

Haunting my every fleeing step.

Hesitantly, I escape, running.

Hesitant because I fear

Running will aggravate the situation.


You piss me off,

You ignorant, perverted savage;

You egotistical, uncivilized reprobate;

You vulgar, disgusting, malignant mongrel;

You contemptuous, moronic, sad excuse of a human being;

You stupid, arrogant, insinuating, smirking, evil little bastard;

You supercilious windbag:

I. Am. Uncomfortable.

What you said was not a compliment.